10 Things About Felise B. Levine, PhD & Diabetes Research Connection


Imagine Life Without Type 1 Diabetes.

The mission of Diabetes Research Connection (DRC) is to connect donors with early-career scientists enabling them to perform peer-reviewed, novel research designed to prevent and cure Type 1 Diabetes, minimize its complications, and improve the quality of life for those living with the disease. As a Type 1, Board Member Felise B. Levine, PhD is passionate about the unique mission of Diabetes Research Connection to fund innovative, early career researchers in T1D research.

#1 I grew up in Brooklyn, New York.


#2 I went to Woodstock, the folk festival held in August 1969. Sun, rain, mud, daisies thrown down by helicopter and a half million of us dancing to great music.


#3 My favorite travel destination is Paris. I would like to travel to the Arctic.


#4 My grandmother gave me a gold locket for my 13th birthday. Welded inside is a Star of David. It belonged to my Russian grandfather.


#5 I think getting diabetes at age 15 made me live daily as if I was fulfilling my bucket list.

#6 I have two rambunctious Labradoodles: Nikki and Annie.


#7 My late husband, James L. Framo, PhD was a pioneer in the field of Family Therapy and taught me the importance of working out relationships with parents and siblings. His work had a profound influence on my personal life and my career.


#8 I got involved with Diabetes Research Connection because I wanted to work with Alberto Hayek and David Winkler, two of the five founders of DRC. DRC funds early-career scientists and researchers focused on innovation. We go where no one else is going, in incentivizing new ideas among the early-career scientists.


#9 Living with diabetes, and waiting for the “10 more years” that was promised 58 years ago, has made me a bit impatient to see a cure. Curing Type 1 is the sole mission of Diabetes Research Connection and is why I support their work.


#10 While our Program is solely focused on funding research, whenever someone in the community needs supplies or information, we do everything possible to help. When one of our community members wanted information about her newly diagnosed son, we gave her as much as we could and provided resources from our partners for further assistance.