Welcome the Zoo’s New Residents
New Habitats at the San Diego Zoo


Just in time for all the summer fun, San Diego Zoo has opened two new habitats as of June 1st. For many, visiting over the summer break is a staple activity, so having some new sights to explore will make your upcoming visit that much more exciting. Even better, these new attractions have been designed with sustainability in mind and the materials used were carefully selected.
The Kenneth C. Griffin Komodo Kingdom showcases these giant lizards that are often shrouded in mystery. Two Komodo dragons, Ratu and Satu, will call the exhibit home which will feature beach, woodland, and mountain highland areas for them to roam. This exhibit will give visitors the opportunity to learn more about these unique creatures and the efforts San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is doing to help protect the species, including hopefully mating the two komodo dragons.
The William E. Cole Family Hummingbird Habitat makes San Diego Zoo one of the few zoos in the world that exhibits hummingbirds. This aviary exhibit will be home to 40 hummingbirds and will allow visitors to see these fast-moving birds up close from the carefully designed walkway. The exhibit will feature water ponds, plants, rock formations, and an infinity-shaped layout to provide the hummingbirds with an optimal home while also providing ample viewing opportunities. Plan your visit to the zoo to see its new residents while making new memories. Mark your calendar for the Kids Zoo that is set to open this fall.

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Esteban Villanueva