Top Wineries in Valle de Guadalupe: Explore Wine Excellence


World-class wine is a great way to celebrate, relax, or even just treat ourselves to one of the finer things in life. Fortunately for San Diegans, the renowned wine region of Valle de Guadalupe is just a two hour drive away. Whether you are looking for a new place to add to your regular tour, or are visiting the region for the first time, we have recommendations for the top wineries in Valle de Guadalupe to help you plan your trip.

Best Wineries in Valle de Guadalupe

Let’s explore each wineries in Valle de Guadalupe in more details.

1. Adobe Guadalupe:

Adobe guadalupe

Adobe Guadalupe brings you an elegant wine experience set amongst the natural wonders of the valley. They have created a warm and friendly environment that is perfect for reconnecting with nature and enjoying a peaceful day. In addition to the usual wine tasting experience, you can also ride horses through the vineyard for an unforgettable visit. And if you work up an appetite, you can pair your wine with some of their great cuisine like their duck confit sandwich.

2. Valle Girl Vino:

Valle girl vino

This woman-owned winery is not only known for its award-winning wine, but creativity and imagination. They have live music on weekends, a variety of tour options, and a laid-back atmosphere that allows you to relax and take your time enjoying their delicious wine selection. Not sure what kind of wine you want to try? They even have a personality pairing guide to help you choose so you can have a fun and satisfying experience.

3. Vena Cava Vinicola:

Vena cava vinicola

Self-proclaimed hippest winery in Mexico, Vena Cava is a popular destination for those looking to try distinct wines from the region. When you visit, you can choose whether you want their standard or premium wine tasting experience as well as if you’d like to try their natural wines which are made with minimal intervention. In addition to the great wine, the ambiance is also appreciated by patrons with décor made from recycled materials and reclaimed fishing boats.

4. Monte Xanic:

Monte xanic

Monte Xanic was founded in 1987 by five friends with a passion for entrepreneurship and wine. That passion has remained a core value of this winery today where they create exceptional wines and celebrates its Mexican pride and the land that they work on. You can expect to learn more about their artisanal process, enjoy the sweeping view of the valley, and taste excellent wine when you visit this well-loved winery.

5. Finca la Carrodilla:

Finca la carrodilla

The first certified organic winery in Valle de Guadalupe, Finca la Carrodilla produces their wine via biodynamic farming. The winery strives for sustainable agriculture, eco-friendliness, and meticulous winemaking that everyone can appreciate. At Finca la Carrodilla, you will find animals, thriving bees, and a vegetable garden, as well as delicious wines by renowned winemaker Gustavo González.

6. Bruma Vinicola:


Go for the wine, stay for the ambience that immerses you in the wine tasting and Valle de Guadalupe experience. Bruma uses the natural landscape to their advantage, creating a view and experience unlike any other. Bask in the abundance of the valley and take in the centuries-old oak tree that serves as their centerpiece as you sip expertly crafted wine. And if you stay at Bruma, you will have access to a variety of unique activities like relaxing in hot springs, visiting an indigenous community, bicycling, and more. Not to mention their high-end rooms and other amenities.

7. Don Tomás:

Don tomas

Colorful and cozy, Don Tomás Vineyard is known for their flavorful wines and comfortable atmosphere. Go in the daytime to enjoy vines and plates that taste as good as they look or take advantage of the romantic ambiance after the sun goes down with their soft outdoor lighting and open landscape.

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