Medical Tourism in BC.

The NewCity Medical Plaza is the most groundbreaking project for medical tourism in Mexico. It is built in the city of Tijuana to promote medical tourism, being a short distance from the border with San Diego.

ABADI Group is a company focused on the creation of real estate developments with full services in all fields with more than 40 years of experience in the business. Their aim is to achieve an overall project with first-rate locations, amenities and services, which will cover all the needs doctors, patients and their families might need.

Medical Tourism in BC

. More than 1.2 million patients visit Baja California annually in search of medical tourism and health services
. The annual economic benefit due to medical tourism is approximately of 550 million dollars
. An estimate of a gain of 400% growth is expected by 2017
. Medical Tourism demands better facilities, consultation rooms and location.
. Medical Tourism demands quality and price in health services

Medical Services

• Benefits for the health care provider:
They will have at their disposition the necessary services to be able to perform their practice in the ideal conditions and convenience without needing to leave their working place: outpatient operating rooms, laboratories, diagnostic imaging, drugstore, conference rooms and more.
• Benefits for the patients:

They will be able to find all the medical services they might need without having to leave the Plaza, with the convenience and knowledge of having in the same place their doctors, laboratories, drugstore, restaurants, hotel and a transport service from the border to the Plaza.

Shopping Center, Gastronomy and Hotel

Being the public face of Baja California to the world, NewCity Medical Plaza will offer gourmet restaurants, boutiques, wineries from the Guadalupe Valley, coffee shops, hotel and more.