The Best Version Of You


By Angelica Gavaldon



The healthiest thing you can do as a mom is take care of yourself. There is a reason why when you fly, you are told to put on an oxygen mask before anyone else. How will you be able to help others if you cannot save yourself? When someone talks about taking care of oneself, a lot of judgment and assumptions are made about this statement. For example, many people would interpret this as selfish or egotistical, but when you really understand the meaning behind it, you realize the best version of you is the best gift you can give to others.
If we are being honest, how good do you feel when you do not get enough sleep? How is your mood and behavior towards your kids with being tired or “hangry”? How present are you? Would you agree that if you feel good, you will be a better parent, more patient, at peace, and energetic? Incorporating some of these tips into your life will not only help you feel better but become healthier inside and out.


Yes, I know, I am super annoying, but I gave you a break by not writing about this for a couple months, which I hope you did not think meant you were off the hook. I am not asking for you to go out and run a marathon but incorporating some sort of exercise during the day – from walking to jogging, to yoga or any form of movement – will instantly lift your mood, give you more energy, and help your immune system, cardiovascular health, and bones.

Put Yourself in Time Out

When you feel super stressed – like there is not enough time during the day – it is probably because you have not connected with the inner you and you are not present in the moment. Even if you just take two minutes, go somewhere quiet, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take a deep inhale and long exhale, hold, inhale four seconds, and then exhale. That simple exercise will reenergize you and keep you present and in the now, instead of looking ahead constantly.

Eat and Nourish Your Body

I am one of those moms that feeds everyone else and mindlessly eats, or sometimes does not eat at all because I am busy cooking and serving others. When I do not eat or eat without any self-awareness, I feel icky. It is important to nourish yourself so you can have more energy during the day, keep your blood sugar levels stable, and avoid “hangry moods.” Keeping healthy snacks easily accessible is also a good idea.

Make Time for What You Enjoy

Whether it means seeing friends, enjoying a meal out with a loved one, or getting a massage, do something you truly enjoy and pamper yourself at least once a week. Doing things with friends or family enhances your happiness and the happier you are, the more joy you can bring home.

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

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Esteban Villanueva