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Saved In America’s 5th Annual #ChildSavedNotSold fundraising dinner will take place on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at the Pendry San Diego. At no charge to families, Saved In America (SIA) volunteers to assist parents and law enforcement to locate missing, runaway and exploited children – the groups most vulnerable to sexual trafficking. For victims of sexual exploitation, SIA assists in procuring legal representation, safe housing and rehabilitative therapy. SIA also aids high-risk juvenile shelters to protect children from further exploitation by pimps and predators. Since December 2014, SIA has assisted in the investigation and recovery of more than 260 children nationwide. 60% of all recovered children were found before being trafficked.

The event will feature keynote speaker Lara Logan, whose candid reporting, often from the most dangerous places in the world, has earned her a prominent place among the world’s best foreign correspondents. In her role at 60 Minutes, Logan helped us understand the political and human conflicts in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and Egypt. Today she has a successful long-form, investigative TV series that has taken her deep into subjects like immigration and the southwest border, socialism, media, veterans, human trafficking and more.

Saved In America will honor the McMillen Family Foundation with the #ChildSavedNotSold Award. The mission of the McMillen Family foundation is to provide assistance to groups in Southern California which are dedicated to helping people of all ages who have been impacted, directly or indirectly, by alcohol and/or drugs and to provide community outreach and education to prevent alcohol and/or drug addiction before it starts. “The McMillen Family Foundation is proud to be a part of the Saved In America team and we look forward to continually supporting this organization for years to come,” stated CEO Chuck Campbell.

The dinner will also feature real life testimonials from a mother and 15-year-old survivor, Destiny, who was recovered twice, and will receive the Brittannee Drexel #ChildSavedNotSold Scholarship to assist with continuing education.

“I am very appreciative that I found Saved In America and they came forward to help me right away- no questions asked. They took the lead and ran with it. The Saved In America private investigator was excellent and very compassionate, and I also appreciate Joseph for driving to Ventura county to sit down with my daughter and I. The goal was met, and we were able to get Destiny home. I am very grateful for all of them,” shared Sandra, Destiny’s mother.

Saved In America’s legal counsel added “hopefully the fact that predators will face civil liability along with criminal prosecution, and the possibility of judgment liens levied against their personal assets, will be a strong deterrent to anyone involved in trafficking children in the United States.”

SIA is a non-profit organization of volunteers who are former law enforcement officers, Special Operators and Navy SEALs-turned licensed and insured private investigators. If you or someone you know is a victim of sex trafficking, please call the Human Trafficking Hotline at: (888) 373-3788 or text befree (233733).

For event sponsorship and ticket information, please call (760) 348-8808 or visit #ChildSavedNotSold

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Kamran Saeed