Karl Gorman

Karl gorman

Karl Gorman is the CEO of GLH, LLC, a real estate investment company that provides an alternative solution to investors that otherwise would not have access to. Karl is a graduate of Western Michigan University where he double-majored in Sales & Business Marketing and Finance. Karl has spent the last two decades in the employee benefits sector working for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. He has channeled this experience into his efforts at GLH, which largely focuses on revitalizing Black and low-income communities across the country. Along with Karl, GLH is run by a team of experts in real estate, construction development, project management, sales and marketing. The GLH team has over 75 years combined experience and has won several awards including Diamond Club, Titan Club and Hall of Fame Club.

The company currently invests in San Diego, Indianapolis, Houston, Michigan, Chicago, Minneapolis and Boston. GLH owns three commercial properties, 50 residential single-family homes/apartment buildings, completes 20 flips a year, and lends approximately $9 million dollars to developers to complete projects. Karl’s company uses a conscious investment strategy which seeks to consider both financial return and social good. He takes pride in the work he does in communities across the country. He seeks opportunities to revitalize areas through the standard of work GLH provides.

“We are committed to socially responsible investing,” Karl shared with Giving Back Magazine. Philanthropic involvement is a monumentally important facet of Karl’s life. After years of helping kids get through college, Karl and his wife Cheryl established their own 501 (c) 3 non-profit, Black Future Foundation in 2020. The foundation aims to support the Black leaders of tomorrow by providing college scholarships and teaching financial literacy to kids throughout the US. Karl shared his stance that, “There are more black men ages 18-25 in jails, than there are in college. We have to change that.” The foundation’s goal is to reduce the disparity between Black and white students by providing funds and knowledge. Karl noted that they are making real progress, “We have seen that with a little push and support, we can make a major impact.”

Above and beyond his business and his own non-profit, Karl also proudly sits on the board of Options For All, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit geared towards improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.


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