Patrons Of The Prado


Supporting an extraordinary collection of arts and cultural institutions at Balboa Park.

The Prado is Balboa Park’s central promenade, a crown jewel famous for its historical artisan-crafted facades, lush gardens, sparkling pools and flowing fountains. The area is alive with highly prized attractions, exhibitions and performances. The Prado provides a world-class cultural and educational experience for the millions of locals and visitors from around the globe who frequent Balboa Park each year.


Patrons of the Prado is a dynamic non-profit that consists of an all-volunteer group of women who give their time, financial generosity, professional and creative talent to benefit the preservation and legacy of America’s largest urban park housing a distinguished array of arts, science and cultural organizations that occupy the Prado in Balboa Park. Aligning their fundraising efforts to augment the vision and mission of their 10 Beneficiaries has resulted in a measurable impact for each organization.

Launched in 1997 and celebrating 26 years, Patrons of the Prado has funded a total of $5.4 million in grants with close to $1 million of that total having been designated to support the Bucks4Buses Program, a core pillar of their mission, ensuring access for the youth of our community. Patrons is committed to providing opportunities for young students to reap the benefits provided by science-based, hands-on programs, exposure to the vast array of visual and performing arts offered in Balboa Park.

Fleet Science Center, Mingei International Museum, Museum of Photographic Arts,
San Diego History Center, San Diego Junior Theatre, San Diego Museum of Art,
Museum of Us, San Diego Natural History Museum, The Old Globe,
Timken Museum of Art

You can help make an impact for a wide range of Balboa Park’s cultural landmarks and the future of our community’s arts, science, and culture by supporting Patrons of the Prado on July 8, 2023, for the annual MASTERPIECE event, OUT OF THIS WORLD, Chaired by Roxi Link, Merridee Book and Suzi Day and President Kimberly Alessio. This year’s theme is a nod to the infinite possibilities, exploration and discoveries yet to be experienced now and by future generations.
To become a sponsor, donor or for more information on the 2023 MASTERPIECE event, please contact Suzi Day at

For more information on Patrons of the Prado, please visit

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