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Meet Brooklyn Lopez, former Guardian Scholar with Promises2Kids – a local nonprofit committed to creating a brighter future for foster children.
At the young age of 11, Brooklyn entered foster care due to physical and mental abuse. Her mother struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, while her father was not present in her life due to imprisonment. She and her siblings were taken to the A.B. and Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center, then later sent to separate foster homes. She lived in 5 different placements and realized that this was not the life she wanted. Brooklyn was committed to breaking the cycle of abuse that led her into foster care.

Brooklyn recalls having doubt during her educational journey, not believing she would be successful. She turned to Promises2Kids for support, motivation and resources to keep her on track. Through their Guardian Scholars program, she received the support she needed, and was paired with a loving mentor who she now calls “Grammy.” Brooklyn took advantage of every opportunity, participating in the Women’s Leadership Network, Advocates for Change, and much more!
She shared with GB Magazine, “Promises2Kids greatly inspired my educational goals by motivating me to strive harder than ever before. It was amazing to connect with other young individuals, who have similar backgrounds. Promises2Kids helped me accomplish my goals.”

Brooklyn is just one of three former foster youth who received scholarships from software company, ESET. Their generous support helped Brooklyn graduate with four Associate Degrees, her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Accounting, and her Master’s Degree in Accounting.
Now 24 years old, Brooklyn is a mom of two, balancing motherhood and working full-time as a Corporate Tax Accountant with a Public Accounting firm, and assisting in the preparation of Tax Provisions for large corporations. “ESET’s support means the world to me,” shared Brooklyn. “Despite my tragic background, they aided me in accomplishing my goals by tremendously impacting my life. I am beyond grateful and blessed.”
In addition to providing academic scholarships, ESET has been a champion for foster youth in countless ways. Since 2015, they have provided opportunities for foster youth to achieve their educational and career goals, opportunities for siblings living apart in foster care to spend time together each month, and everything in between. ESET has sponsored a variety of youth events for Promises2Kids’ Camp Connect and Guardian Scholars programs, even hosting Thanksgiving dinner, so youth too, had the opportunity for a Thanksgiving gathering. Additionally, ESET hosted a group of students onsite for a career exploration event, has provided cybersecurity training and software, and their employees have generously volunteered their time to serve as mentors and career coaches, and assembled hundreds of care packages for foster youth.
“We are incredibly grateful for ESET. Community partners like them allow us to continue our meaningful work. Thank you to everyone at ESET for your dedication to making a difference in the lives of foster youth. We can’t thank you enough for all you do, and for your utmost commitment to investing in San Diego’s foster youth,” shared Tonya Torosian, Promises2Kids CEO.
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