Sony A Model in Corporate Social Responsibility

Sony employees gather to celebrate international women's day in front of the company's rancho bernardo headquarters

Since its founding in 1946, Sony has focused on technology that both makes a difference and contributes to society. But what exactly does that mean?

From the moment the company broke ground for its first factory here in San Diego in 1971, to the present day, Sony has made a habit of not only producing some of the world’s greatest technology and innovations, but of giving back. On its global website, Sony defines its purpose as to “fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology,” and the spirit of philanthropy is embedded in the company’s culture. Here are some of the many interesting activities and initiatives the company has underway.

STEAMing Ahead
As one of the world’s leading global consumer electronics makers, it is easy to see why Sony is thoroughly committed to supporting quality science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) education. Developing the next generation of problem solvers and innovators is important in today’s competitive environment, and the company sees STEAM-focused education as helping children develop the abilities they will need to thrive in the technology-driven worlds of today and tomorrow.

Confronting COVID
The coronavirus pandemic has only served to heighten Sony’s support of both the local and global community. In April, Sony Corporation announced the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19,” a $100 million fund to support those around the world affected by the coronavirus. As part of the initiative, Sony provides support in three main areas: “Medical,” “Education,” and the “Creative Community.” Under the education commitment, and locally in San Diego working with the Classroom of the Future Foundation and the San Diego County Office of Education, Sony created free STEAM-focused programs for students, donated hundreds of hands-on activity kits, and held an educator’s academy for San Diego teachers so they could gain a working knowledge of robotics and coding to pass on to students.

Valuing Diversity and Social Justice
Sony understands the value of Corporate Social Responsibility. Sony established a $100 million “Global Social Justice Fund” to stand against discrimination everywhere, in supporting social justice and anti-racist initiatives around the world. Significant funds are directed toward reducing social injustice specific to the African American community. Company leadership also advocates for and elevates diversity and inclusion of every kind within the company, to the highest levels of thought, conversation and action. In fact, “Diversity” was added to the company’s global purpose and values years ago. There are currently four female leaders on the Sony Global Board of Directors.

Environmental and Sustainability Targets
Finally, Sony’s mission-driven mentality has led the company to establish impressive environmental goals and initiatives, including its “Road to Zero” long-term environmental plan, and the “Sony Innovation Fund: Environment” which nurtures new ventures specializing in technology to solve environmental challenges.

A highly socially conscious global giant in our midst here in San Diego, Sony has shown that, particularly in today’s challenging environment, companies have an unprecedented opportunity to show that doing good and being good, are simply good business.

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Esteban Villanueva