La Border Girl.

Paola Treviño is a dedicated mother from Tijuana, Baja California. I have always admired women who are driven and hard workers. Previously, Treviño moved to Mexico City to pursue a career in acting, where she appeared in soap operas and as a TV commentator. Paola Treviño has worked as an Entertainment reporter for Sky TV and has been featured on many Mexican soap operas including Las Vias del Amor, Mujer de Madera and Mundo de Fieras.
She recently moved back to Tijuana and is currently working on her web project, “La Border Girl” where she tells her life story being from a border town, living in both Tijuana and San Diego.

Paola was born in San Diego and high school at Our Lady of Peace. At the age 18, Treviño went to France where she developed her love for preforming arts. Before acting she completed her degree at Grossmont College and later attended Tijuana’s UABC State University. Once Treviño completed college, she moved to Mexico City, where she began her career as a model and enrolled in the CEA to learn acting and singing.

After being away from her bicultural upbringing, Paola Treviño returned to Tijuana where she was surprised by how much the city had changed. “It was no longer a sleepy town, it had become a booming metropolis of culture, food, music, art and wine. It was truly an inspiration” Treviño shares with Give Back Magazine. Treviño realized that San Diego and Tijuana have an interdependent relationship and with this in mind, she came up with “Border Girl.” Treviño shares the great things of living on each side of the border, while sharing stories of each culture. “You have Baja California and California at your fingertips” Treviño exclaims.

Paola Treviño not only has a great passion for being the Border Girl, she also is a beautiful hard working mother who knows how to maintain a healthy life style. Treviño works out 3 to 4 times a week with her personal trainer, doing a combination of yoga and strength training. Her diet consists of well balanced meals. For Treviño, being a mother of two can be challenging at times, but never impossible! She knows how to balance it all by having a good support system and sticking to a schedule. “I know it’s not always easy and life has its twists and turns, but hey I am La Border Girl and this is what I want to do.” Treviño shares proudly.