Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial


Honoring Veterans By Preserving Their Legacy


For over 70 years, the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association has maintained one of the most inspirational and tranquil memorials in the country. Situated in La Jolla at the top of one of San Diego’s highest mountain tops is the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial. Overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific, this vantage point offers 360-degree views of all of San Diego County and South to Mexico. But the spectacular views, sunsets and sunrises are only part of what make this memorial such a special place.

The memorial is surrounded by 12 walls adorned with black granite plaques displaying the names and faces of individual veterans from all branches of the US military. The majestic black granite walls were built in a concentric parabolic design with gently sloped brick walkways that offer a relaxing and inspirational stroll.

Being one of the most unique veterans’ memorials in America, it is the only one honoring veterans, both living and deceased, from the Revolutionary War to the current war on terror and conflicts around the world. At the very top of the memorial stands the iconic 29-foot cross. The base now holds a beautiful black, solid granite bench which was generously provided by Papa Doug Manchester & Family as a tribute to honor and preserve the legacy of all veterans. The Association plans to place 3 more black granite benches on each quadrant of the base.

The mission of the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial is to serve as a beacon of freedom that reminds Americans and our foreign visitors of the sacrifices our veterans have made since the founding of our nation.

The Mt. Soledad Memorial Association, which owns and operates the memorial, focuses educating the public about the critical role of our military and contributions of those who have served in helping preserve the values and ideals embraced and treasured by the people of the United States of America.

Beginning in 2000 the Veterans Honor Wall concept came to life at the Memorial. On Memorial Day 2001, Phase I consisting of 6 walls and 4 benches with spaces for 3,200 plaques was unveiled. The overwhelming desire to have a veteran honor plaque was tremendous initiated the design and construction of Phase II and on May 15th 2013, 5 new walls were dedicated, providing the capacity of 2,200 more plaques.

Today, we near Phase II capacity with a limited amount of plaque spaces remaining. Remaining true to their mission of Honoring and Preserving the Legacy of our Veterans, they have committed to building of 5 new walls that will provide the surface to place 2,000 more plaques.

Please help the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association to create the opportunity to honor 2,000 more veterans and their families. To learn more on how you can help or to obtain a plaque, please visit