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KPBS serves our local communities with news and entertainment programming that respects our audience with inspiring, intelligent and enlightening content. We will deliver this content via multiple outlets, including television, radio, and digital media and will adapt and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

KPBS values integrity, truth, transparency and lifelong learning. At KPBS we strive to engage with our citizens and showcase the unique neighborhoods and people that make our community thrive. And as a public service of San Diego State University, education is a core value – from our children’s programming to our local news coverage. We are committed to being a reliable source for in-depth, thoughtful, and high quality content.  We follows the Public Media Code of Integrity.

KPBS News Mission Statement

KPBS news serves the people of the San Diego region with trustworthy, in-depth information that allows the community to hold its leaders accountable. We show how global and local current affairs change our lives, and how San Diego changes the world. We tell you more than just what is happening—we tell you why.

Relationship with San Diego State University

KPBS’ television license is held by the California State University Board of Trustees. Our FM license is held by San Diego State University. KPBS was founded in 1960 (as KEBS) on the campus of San Diego State University (then San Diego State College). KPBS remains a vital part of the University with our broadcast facilities housed on campus. The KPBS General Manager reports to the President of the University, however, to preserve the trust and integrity KPBS has earned over the decades, the KPBS news operation maintains strict editorial independence from Management, SDSU and corporate underwriters and donors.

“KPBS TV is licensed to the Board of Trustees of The California State University (the CSU) for San Diego State University (the University). KPBS FM is licensed to the State of California on behalf of the University. San Diego State University Research Foundation (SDSU Research Foundation), a not-for-profit California corporation, which is an auxiliary organization of CSU, provides administrative support to the Stations and includes all of the Stations’ accounts, except for certain capital assets, notes payable and related interest and expenses related to certain State employees in its financial statements. KPBS is considered a department of the University.”

-KPBS’ Audited Financial Statement, 2011

Our Partners

KPBS collaborates with Investigative Newsource for investigative projects. The Investigative Newsource staff works in the KPBS newsroom and teams up with KPBS reporters on various projects. This partnership is a vital part of our editorial strategy and allows KPBS to report on issues and stories with the data and resources needed to conduct thorough investigations. In addition, KPBS partners with 10 News San Diego for breaking news and video. KPBS also works with Voice of San Diego on certain projects, most notably the Speak City Heights Project – a media collaborative aimed at amplifying the voices of residents in one of San Diego’s most diverse neighborhoods.

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