Elevating the Wellness Experience

Conchita gonzalez perez with her sons emilio and bruno perez at the lua wellness center grand opening

In recent years, modern health management has evolved from an industry over reliant on transactional practices to one that prioritizes preventative care and mental health. For that reason, wellness centers have become a culturally relevant force, influencing how consumers manage their health, stress and work life balance.

For Conchita Gonzalez, the decision to open Lua Wellness Center in San Diego was motivated not only by her own battle with lupus, but the desire to help others achieve a greater quality of life. “Living with an autoimmune disease and leading a functional life inspired me to share what has actually worked for me and made me feel better,” she says. “I am also continuously looking into all the available new technologies and trying them first myself to make sure they perform as promised. If they help me and contribute to my wellbeing, I then will feel comfortable enough to bring them into Lua.”
Conchita was diagnosed with lupus at an early age and began a lifelong journey testing different treatments to see what would help her keep her symptoms in check. What worked best was a combination of several different alternative therapies designed to complement and support traditional medicine. This helped give her the tools to build a platform from where her body could properly function.
Now, Conchita enjoys helping Lua members lower their stress levels and increase their overall quality of life. She believes that the quality of care should be prioritized over quantity. “When people are alert and have a clear mind, they can perform at their peak,” she shares. Services offered at Lua Wellness Center range from bio-feedback, restore sessions, and infrared saunas, to LipoMax and HydraFacials. But the area where Lua really shines is in stress reduction. “Our bodies and organs work in the same manner as batteries do. Our cells lose their charge and need to be recharged in order to function properly,” she adds.
When it comes to what separates Lua from other wellness centers, Conchita says she wants to ensure her clients can maintain optimum health and achieve lasting results. “We make sure we respect the body and its natural rhythm, and we have an inside out beauty approach in everything we do. We accomplish this by resetting the cells, releasing stress, supporting the central nervous system, and thus, allowing the person to look and feel their best.”
With our fast-paced, modern lives, it is easy for things to get hectic. Luckily, the opening of Lua Wellness Center has given people the opportunity to relax and take a break from it all.

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Esteban Villanueva