Maria San Román


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Maria San Roman is a Mexican-American bilingual pop artist known as Maria Reign who was born in San Diego. She was raised in Tijuana, and by the age of five, she moved back to California, where she has resided ever since. Living on both sides of the Mexico-US border has provided Maria with a life filled with enriching experiences that continue to develop her artistry. Here is a day in her life:

7 am Rise & Shine

Maria wakes up and gets ready for the day. She typically goes to the gym in the morning two to three times a week, but sometimes she goes in the afternoon. Each time she goes to the gym, she has a specific focus, but she will always do 30 minutes of jogging on the treadmill. For breakfast, she has five egg whites and a tropical fruit bowl. After that, she watches practices playing the drums or does vocal warm-ups.

12 pm Midday
At the age of six, she started writing lyrics and melodies. Years later, she found her passion for wanting to share it with the world. Maria hopes that by sharing her music, her listeners will experience the freedom it makes her feel. Part of her routine is attending dance classes in Tijuana. She also sometimes works at her father’s business selling floors and home upgrades. At other times, she will work on writing music with her brother. Family is very important for her and she is thankful that she is able to spend time with them during her everyday routine.

5 pm Evening Activities
During the afternoon and evening, her activities also vary depending on the day. Maria takes singing classes three times a week. When she does not have classes, she works on her songs. She is currently working on her first Latin urban pop album. Maria shares how it is important to her to stay mentally and spiritual healthy by doing what she loves. By following her passion for music, she has been able to stay on track and achieve her goals.

8 pm Nighttime
At night, Maria starts with a cold shower, then her skin care routine, and ends it with reading about self-development and writing in her journal. She even sometimes ends up writing a song. Her routine might be stressful to meet all the demands of her life, but she looks at stress through a positive lens. By turning stress into a positive, it motivates her to overcome her everyday challenges. If the situation becomes overwhelming, she will take time to relax and do some yoga. This allows her to properly care for and prioritize her mental and spiritual health.



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Kamran Saeed