MAAC: Empowering San Diego’s Families to Thrive


A tradition of serving the community. MAAC was founded on a vision to provide a place where local families in need could achieve self-sufficiency.

Together, members from the San Diego Chapter of the GI Forum, Hermandad Mexicana, Laborer’s Local #89, Association of Mexican-American Educators, and the Council of Latin American Clubs, along with other leaders of San Diego’s Mexican American community turned their vision into reality and founded the Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee on Anti-Poverty.

Today, hunger and poverty continue to be crises in our communities. Demands of daily life and unexpected events can easily push families below the poverty level. And our nation’s current economic crisis has deeply affected even more families, creating a new face of poverty in our communities.

For generations, MAAC has responded to these challenges by evolving its programs to meet the needs of the community. Several factors enable our work: our strong commitment to those we serve, our dedicated staff, compassionate volunteers, our creativity in delivering services that match needs during times of scarce resources, and donors who recognize the essential value of MAAC’s service to our community.

The work of MAAC to strengthen the community is not easy. It is tireless, it is personal, and it evolves. The organization has grown tremendously over the years to meet increasing need. And it will continue to shape the lives of countless children and adults, so long as there is need.

MAAC Contact Info

1355 Third Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91911

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Esteban Villanueva