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Civil matters MB Abogados take care of everything related to regularization and litigation on properties, possessions, leases, probate trials and any controversy related to civil law.
Purchase and Sale Contracts Donation Mutual with or without Mortgage Loan Legal advice for the realization of Comodatos, which are contracts in which one of the parties receives a property free of charge and in turn agrees to return it under the same conditions and under the same guarantees with which it was ceded.
Lease Partnership in Participation Usufruct Incorporation of Real Estate Trusts Civil Societies Civil Associations Grant of Powers of Attorney Probate and Intestamentary Succession Litigation Condominium Property Regime Schedule a consultation
Commercial matters Legal advice and representation for any matter relating to business or commercial transactions.
Commercial Contracts and Commercial Transactions Commercial Contracts are private agreements, verbal or written, in which the will of the signatory parties is based in relation to a certain matter.
We prepare and review your Commercial Contracts so that your businesses have all the legal security they need.
Credits Credit or Financing Agreements Bonds Insurance Contracts Business Activity Trusts Legal Advice on Issues Related to Commercial Matters Litigation Schedule a consultation
Corporate Matters We can provide you with support in the incorporation of companies, formalization of assemblies, granting of powers of attorney and litigation related to the matter.
Company Formation We take care of all the paperwork for you from start to finish so that you can set up any type of commercial company to establish your company or business.
Company Mergers Transformation of Societies Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies Company SpinOffs Minutes of the General Meeting Corporate Counsel in general Litigation Schedule a consultation
Labor matters Advice focused on any legal matter in labor matters, as well as defense and litigation in proceedings in this matter.
Consultation Service Preparation of any type of labor documents, both for companies and workers.
Attention to Requirements, Summonses and Notifications from Labor Authorities. Litigation Schedule a consultation
Criminal matters Expert accompaniment in the presentation and management of criminal complaints, in addition to the punctual followup of the processing of criminal files and processes.
Filing Criminal Complaints We accompany you in every step necessary for the presentation of Criminal Complaints related to crimes related to real estate, businesses or companies.

Followup, Folder Processing Advice on Criminal Proceedings Litigation Schedule a consultation

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