PATRONS OF THE PRADO IS COMMITTED TO RAISING FUNDS TO BENEFIT ELEVEN ARTS AND SCIENCE INSTITUTIONS ON THE PRADO IN BALBOA PARK, AND FOR PROGRAMS THAT PROVIDE EDUCATIONAL ACCESS FOR SAN DIEGO SCHOOL CHILDREN TO THE WORLD-CLASS TREASURES OF BALBOA PARK, INSPIRING CULTURAL FLUENCY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Our founders had a unique vision to provide unrestricted funding which allows our beneficiaries the freedom to maximize the impact of these gifts by aligning funding with their strongest needs. Since our inception in 1997, Patrons of the Prado has granted over $3.4 million in funding to our Gala beneficiaries.

Patrons of the Prado is an organization of dynamic and accomplished women who have made nurturing the arts and culture in San Diego a high priority in their lives. Through our collective belief in our cherished cultural institutions of the Prado, we connect with each other, our beneficiaries, and every visitor to Balboa Park.

We are driven by our passion and mission and ask you to join us by supporting Patrons of the Prado. Help us sustain the beauty and power of the arts for everyone in our community and the millions of visitors from around the world.


Patrons of the Prado Contact Info

Patrons of the Prado
PO Box 928530
San Diego, CA 92192