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Todd Lane, President and CEO of California Coast Credit Union, stands as a beacon of leadership in the financial industry, guided by a set of principles that have not only contributed to his success, but have also made a profound impact on the local community. With a focus on accountability, giving back and fostering a culture of philanthropy, Todd Lane has set a high standard for others in the financial sector.


At the heart of Todd’s leadership philosophy is the understanding that Cal Coast Credit Union was founded by and for the community, not in a corporate boardroom. This unique origin places a special responsibility on the organization, one that Todd recognizes and upholds. He believes in maintaining a delicate balance between four essential pillars – the members, the credit union’s financial health, the employees, and the community. Todd attributes his success to the unwavering commitment of his leadership team and employees embracing and embodying this philosophy every day.

One of the key aspects that sets Cal Coast Credit Union apart is its dedication to community support. The credit union’s deep-seated commitment to giving back is evident through programs such as “Cal Coast Cares”, an internal employee volunteer initiative that encourages volunteering in the community. They are actively engaged in the City of San Diego’s Promise Zone, supporting local nonprofits in under-resourced communities. Additionally, they maintain a longstanding tradition of supporting local schools, nonprofits and charities throughout San Diego and Riverside counties.

Todd Lane’s personal involvement and leadership are instrumental in motivating his team to actively participate in community service and charitable efforts. He leads by example, actively participating in community outreach and volunteer activities. Furthermore, he consistently recognizes and appreciates employees who dedicate their time and effort to support local schools and community organizations that uplift the communities they serve.

One of the most heartwarming stories that exemplifies Cal Coast Credit Union’s positive impact is the transformation of a member’s life through the Financial Wellness Centers. By providing free personal financial coaching, the credit union assists individuals and families in areas such as budgeting, credit repair and retirement savings. A member who was burdened with over $200,000 in debt received invaluable guidance from the Financial Fitness and Coaching Manager and successfully paid off the entire debt.

Todd Lane’s leadership at Cal Coast Credit Union serves as a shining example of how a financial institution can make a meaningful impact on its community and foster a culture of philanthropy and social responsibility. His advice to other organizations is simple yet powerful: “Make philanthropy real by lending your feet, hands and heart to the community.” Being socially responsible not only benefits the community and employees but also contributes to the bottom line, as consumers and employees are increasingly seeking companies and brands that share their values. Todd Lane and Cal Coast Credit Union prove that a commitment to the community is not just good for business but an essential part of being a responsible citizen.

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Esteban Villanueva