By Angelica Gavaldon


Catalina de Leon is a mother of three, with a peaceful soul that brings light to everyone who knows her. The Coronado resident is also a yoga lover and teacher whose class is quickly becoming the one that everyone in town wants to join – not only due to how good she is at her practice, but because of the positive energy that she transmits. I have always been drawn to people who look at life through a positive lens, make the best out of circumstances, and stay true to themselves. Catalina is a walking example of how, if we practice mindfulness and stay in the moment no matter how stressful life gets, we can enjoy life to the fullest. Catalina shared a quote she loves by Allan Watts with GB Magazine: “Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.” This quote has inspired how she has chosen to lead her life. See how she leads by example with a look at a day in her life:

Each morning, she wakes up refreshed and grateful for another day. First thing, she dedicates some time to her practices, which can vary from meditation to breath work, to positive affirmations, as well as many other tools that help her align with her purpose. She then has breakfast, which is a cold pressed juice.

Midday Routine
While her daughters are at online school, she usually uses this time to take her youngest daughter on a stroll to the park or beach. Afterwards, they have lunch as a family, which consists of soup, salad, and an entrée. For Catalina, family is a top priority, so she shared with us how time management is key. When times get stressful, she says to focus on the present and take inventory of what is no longer serving you and release it. The next step is asking yourself, what can you do in that exact situation? If there is nothing you can do to control the situation, then the answer is to let it go and not waste time and energy trying to control it.

Afternoon Activities
Catalina works as a yoga therapist; she found her passion for it when she started taking paddle board yoga classes, which lead her to training to become a teacher. Once she finished training, she began working and connecting with people that inspired her. This is how she became passionate about healing and got on track to do what she does now. After work and activities are done for the day, she and her family have a light dinner, which might include homemade cereal, taquitos, beans or avocado.

Before going to bed, Catalina enjoys star gazing and meditating. One thing that helps her stay mentally and spiritually healthy is laying in her crystal bed; hearing the frequencies and feeling the vibrations. Meditation in general has given her so much peace and many answers, so she ends her day by going to sleep to guided meditations.

If you are trying to live mindfully and with a more positive outlook, consider channeling some of Catalina’s tips to find the balance and joy in life.