Do What You Love.

John Assaraf is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and one of the leading mindset and personal growth experts in the world. His company NeuroGym, creates tools and products that anyone can use to release the mental and emotional obstacles that prevent them from achieving their very best in life and business. Whether you want to increase your income, build a healthy relationship with your body, get over annoying fears or grow a business to record profits, John’s company has been helping others.

Before founding NeuroGym, he grew a real estate franchise business to over $4.5 billion in sales, and created a tech startup from inception to initial public offering, all part of a very successful career. His ambition for educating and inspiring others led him to write two New York Times bestselling books, Having It All, and The Answer. From a young age, John’s life was going in the wrong direction and he felt on a course doomed for failure and he claims that his success belongs to having amazing mentors who helped get his “head screwed on right.” As a result, he chose a path of doing extensive research in the neuroscience and neuropsychology fields which lead to him to build 5 businesses and coach millions of people through his books, television appearances and social media outlets.

“I learned that the real rewards you receive in life are directly related to the amount of value and love you give others. Please read that sentence again. It is important,” he tells Giving Back Magazine. “The truth about wealth is this: Most of those who have great wealth got it through helping others and the world.”

According to John, when you are caught up in the “voice inside your head” and only focused on yourself, then you cannot focus on helping others. That means you will not achieve the greatest wealth you could have. John says that the keys to living a harmonious life is to focus your life on doing what you love and not settling for anything less than that. One of his favorite quotes is…

“Do more of what you love,
Less of what you tolerate, and
None of what you hate.”

The key to being able to do this is being relentless in your daily pursuit of total fulfillment and happiness and expecting nothing less. John believes that when you upgrade your knowledge and skills to match your goals, they become more and real each and every day. Mindset is what separates the rest from the best and mindset is one thing anyone who is serious can learn to master. To begin managing and being the master of your own mindset, start each day focusing on exactly what you want versus what you do not want and then take 3 action steps towards achieving it. The real winners in life learn how to focus their attention in this way and the losers focus on everything else.

You will often find John and his wife Maria, at charitable events throughout San Diego, and the world supporting important causes that help others in need- truly One of the greatest gifts we can all receive!