gtk-divinoDivino Plastic Surgery and Spa Divino.

Hailing from top universities throughout the West, Dr. Carlos O. Chacón, MD, MBA has made becoming a first-class cosmetic plastic surgeon his passion. Like his family’s skilled craftsmen and artists that came before him, Dr. Chacón knew he would work with his hands. The Arizona native, now a decade-long Californian, calls San Diego home. Dr. Chacón, his wife Irina, along with a splendid team has garnered patients and praise from the community for their two businesses, Divino Plastic Surgery and Spa Divino.

Dr. Chacón earned his bachelors and medical degree from University of Arizona College of Medicine, graduating with merits in various disciplines. During Dr. Chacón’s extensive surgical training, he served as Chief Resident at one of the finest programs in the country, University of California, San Francisco Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He tells Giving Back Magazine, “Plastic surgery attracted me because it is one of the few surgical subspecialties that are fascinatingly intricate. A distinctive skill set is required to be a plastic surgeon, particularly, a great cosmetic plastic surgeon. This specialty offers me artistic freedom and a craft that is extremely satisfying.”

A unique and rare partnership in- and outside the operating room, Dr. Chacón and his wife Irina work hand-in-hand as an amazing force in achieving their patients’ desired goals. Irina is a nurse practitioner and aesthetics specialist who demands perfection with a woman’s touch.
Loved by patients, embraced by the community, adored by family and friends, this combination makes it clear why Divino is not just particular about aesthetic results; they are obsessed with them in achieving Beauty, Confidence and Elegance.