Give The Gift of HOPE

Joyful moments for three champions

October holds deep significance as communities across the nation unite in their quest to end domestic violence. This month goes beyond raising awareness; it underscores the harrowing realities of domestic violence and honors lives tragically lost to intimate partner violence. As National Domestic Violence Awareness Month unfolds, everyone is invited to rally behind this cause at  By donating or volunteering, transformative change becomes possible.

Central and at the heart of this movement is the Operation For HOPE Foundation. Understanding the devastating impacts of domestic violence on families, their mission extends beyond just financial assistance. They envision a world where survivors transition from the torment of being beaten, abused or assaulted by an intimate partner or significant other to a state of healing, empowerment and freedom.

The Operation For HOPE Foundation’s HOPE Fund exemplifies this commitment. This fund provides emergency financial assistance; from replacing windows to fixing cars for transportation, it addresses safety concerns. The HOPE Fund steps in when other resources fall short, sometimes helping survivors flee across state borders. It covers court fees for those seeking to divorce their abusers. It offers services like re-keying vehicles or homes, enhancing the security of survivors.

In a landscape where many funds have restrictions, the HOPE Fund is an indispensable lifeline. Collaborating with domestic violence professionals from San Ysidro to Oceanside, they ensure aid reaches those in need. This aid is crucial both before and after a survivor’s decision to leave an abusive situation. For those in dire circumstances, the fund provides hotel stays. Through such efforts, the foundation empowers survivors to heal.
In highlighting their contributions, this past July, the Foundation marked its 6th Annual Caring, Sharing & Champagning Fundraiser. This event equipped survivors and their children with household essentials, essential for their rehabilitation and the establishment of violence-free homes. In total, they distributed goods valued at over $6,000.

Enhancing its reach, the Foundation collaborates with esteemed partners in the domestic violence community, like YWCA of San Diego, One Safe Place, License to Freedom, Marine & Family Services, Center for Community Solutions and Your Safe Place. Such partnerships elevate the impact of events, extending benefits well beyond singular occasions.

The HOPE Fund’s influence is palpable in the testimonials of survivors. One recounts, “After leaving my abuser, I was financially paralyzed. Facing overwhelming car license registration fees, the HOPE Fund’s assistance kept my car functional for work and school.” Another survivor says, “Receiving support from the HOPE Fund changed my life. Those divorce papers restored my identity and, above all, my freedom.”

At the forefront of this fight against domestic violence are the dedicated individuals and groups supporting the foundation. Special gratitude is extended to the sponsors, partners, the Operation For HOPE Foundation Board of Directors, and the Champion of HOPE Ambassadors: Carrie Corless, Sue Ebner, Jack Farnan, Kasondra Levin, Felicia Lyon, Natalie Quirarte, Linda Sierra, Vanessa Van Hyfte, Lisa Walters and Kimberly Weisz. Together, their unwavering commitment and efforts amplify the impact, ensuring survivors receive the essential resources they need.

This October, while remembering lives cut short, let’s rally together. Our goal is to transform communities, ensuring no survivor feels isolated.
Support the Operation For HOPE Foundation in ending domestic violence. Give the Gift of HOPE™.


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Esteban Villanueva