Foundation for the Children of the Californias

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Founded in 1986, the Foundation for the Children of the Californias’ (FCC) is a tri-national collaboration with Canadian, the U.S. and Mexican counterparts. Their mission is to enhance the health and nutrition of underserved children in the border region through support for the Hospital Infantil de las Californias (HIC), a unique model of service delivery that is based on volunteerism. Supported by a core staff of pediatric specialists and infrastructure personnel, HIC is an outpatient facility in Tijuana, Baja California offering services that include allergy, cardiology, orthodontics, gastroenterology, nutrition, physiotherapy, mental health/psychology and surgery among others. Over 4,000 consultations are provided each month.

Many scientific studies point to the facts: The health of the region, and its children, is intertwined, regardless of the border. The health of these communities is dependent on each other. Currently, approximately 5% of pediatric patients receiving Hospital Infantil services are from the San Diego County area. The Foundation for the Children of the Californias exists to help these children from all over the region heal and live fulfilling lives. They strive to give them the quality medical care they deserve. Access to health care should be a fundamental right for all, and HIC continues to make that a reality for children in the region. Health has no borders.

The three foundations have overcome considerable international obstacles to create a model of cooperation and collaboration that is rare in today’s world. Hospital Infantil has truly been a collaborative effort with generous support from thousands of committed persons, organizations, foundations, institutions and businesses. Together this collaboration has created a unique children’s center with a successful record of accomplishment and acclaim from international diplomats, businesses and politicians. The Hospital Infantil is an exemplary pediatric specialty medical complex with exemplary volunteerism, the most important function of which is building bridges and goodwill between the three countries. Working together they ensure that Hospital Infantil continues to provide high-quality care to every child, like Diego, who comes to them for help.

Diego has sought care at Hospital Infantil almost his entire life. He suffers from respiratory problems. Physicians at the Hospital diagnosed him with chronic asthma, adenoid and tonsil problems. Diego was also diagnosed with Asperger’s Disease, a condition on the Autism spectrum. He experiences general delays in his learning development and perception problems. In therapy with specialists at Hospital Infantil, Diego receives the excellent care he requires and can live his life like any teenager should. Griselda, his mom, credits Hospital Infantil with her son’s health and believes with places like Hospital Infantil, and the Foundation’s support, nothing is impossible.

Please join the Foundation for the Children of the Californias and Hospital Infantil this April 2022 as they celebrate The Day of the Child. They are planning several fun events for children and parents and culminating with a serenade of music with extremely talented, internationally renowned recording artist, Sacha Boutros. Look for more details in the coming months. Sponsorships and more information are available now.

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Esteban Villanueva