USO San Diego Gives Thanks Celebrating 80 Years

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The USO is celebrating 80 years in service of men and women in uniform. Since 1941, the USO has stood as a Force Behind the Forces, providing essential services and programs geared toward helping military members in virtually every way. In their own words, “nothing is more important to us than serving those who serve us all”.

The USO was founded in New York, initially chartered by six organizations including the Salvation Army, YMCA, YWCA, National Catholic Community Service, National Travelers Aid Association, and the National Jewish Welfare Board. Now, the USO has over 250 locations worldwide, including USO San Diego’s local presence. Over the decades, they have become an organization that has worked hand-in-hand with service members around the globe. A collective effort is still the driving force behind everything they are able to do, with millions of Americans supporting them through charitable contributions. Volunteers are also an essential resource for the USO.
Since World War II their commitment to supporting military members has never wavered. They strive to be there for men and women in service through every step of their military journey by providing programs that connect them to their family, home, and country. These services range from providing hot meals and emotional support during the hardest of times, to creating joy through entertainment.
Gratitude is the core value of the USO by leading the way to unite all Americans to actively express gratitude and support members of the military and their families, at home and abroad. And the USO has stayed true to that pursuit. That is where the Give More Than Thanks campaign comes in to encourage community members to help USO San Diego continue to enrich the lives of our service members both at home and abroad.
From transition services that help military men and women adjust to life back home, to programming that helps military spouses and children build connections with one another, these services are invaluable. USO San Diego has several locations in San Diego that support service members in different ways. The San Diego Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) location is focused on providing an introduction to those joining the armed forces, while USO Neil Nash Airport assists active duty members and their families with travel. At USO Camp Pendleton, the focus is on military members and their families living on base with a wide variety of programs that range from helping with command events to providing comfort and assistance to grieving families.
Visit their website to find out how you can contribute to USO San Diego and make a difference in the lives of service members who give so much to this country. This fall, USO San Diego will present their annual gala with a concert featuring Wayne Newton; details to follow.

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Esteban Villanueva