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San Diego is referred to as “America’s Finest City” for good reason. It is a city filled with unique experiences, world-class leisure, and every opportunity to lead a life of luxury. That is where Michelle St. Clair and her company Elite Lifestyle Management (ELM) come into play. Elite Lifestyle Management is an award-winning luxury lifestyle management and concierge service that caters to individuals with “busy lives, big dreams and high expectations.” Michelle St. Clair, Founder and CEO of Elite Lifestyle Management, along with her team of experts helps their clients elevate their lifestyle and make the most of their time.

ELM was founded in 2014. At the time, there were no lifestyle management companies in San Diego, so Michelle jumped on the opportunity. From a place of passion and drive, Michelle and her team began building the best lifestyle management company in the world. ELM offers a broad range of services, from tailor-made travel and dining, entertainment and event planning to personal shopping and relocation services.

These essential services do not just apply to the grander aspects of a luxury lifestyle, they also attend to the miscellaneous every day needs and desires that come up in life, like day-to-day errands, handling flat tire repairs, and even facilitating home maintenance. This comprehensiveness is where members experience the true value of ELM. In fact, they pride themselves on being able to provide “anything, anytime, anywhere.”

Not only does ELM strive to meet every need of their clients, but they are also dedicated to providing the highest level of service – which is why they keep their membership exclusive. This boutique business model sets them apart and enables them to provide ultra-high-touch service and quick turnaround. Emphasizing this point, Michelle shared with GB Magazine, “We pride ourselves on being attuned to our members’ way of living life. We know everything from their favorite wine to the names of their dogs. We intentionally keep our club exclusive as this enables us to continually exceed our members’ expectations.”

This attention to detail, paired with team members that are resourceful, creative and striving for perfection has been the key to success for ELM. While many members of their team have a hospitality or travel background, they are always training and evolving to best cater to their members’ needs and keep pace with ever-changing lifestyle trends. There is no lifestyle management company that can better serve the needs of its clients: “We have had members try global companies and come back to us once they realize the quality of our service cannot be matched” St. Clair added proudly.

Let ELM help change your life by giving you more time to enjoy everything you have worked so hard for.

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Esteban Villanueva