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The Magic of San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum


Since 1999, over one million children and families have walked through San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum’s (SDCDM) doors to explore, imagine and experiment through purposeful play and immersive learning experiences. Located in Escondido, SDCDM is the only hands-on, educational children’s museum in North San Diego County, focusing on early STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art and math) education.

SDCDM invites children and families to unlock the doors to curiosity and develop a lifelong love of learning fueled by enriching and playful experiences. Within the Museum, visitors will find passionate paleontologists digging for dinosaur bones in the Base Camp exhibit, aspiring artists crafting birdhouses in the Maker Studio, and future farmers tending to the Edible Garden. The Museum’s child-centric approach to learning ensures every child is inspired to learn more and feel supported in their curiosity.

“I have been taking my son to the Museum for over a year now, and we have had a very educational and enjoyable experience every visit,” said Paul Jaskiewicz, a member of SDCDM. “I am a big believer in ‘open play’ where my child just runs the show and decides what he wants to do next, and the Museum provides us with just that… we always have something to stimulate our inquisitive nature,” he added.

In the last year, SDCDM served over 100,000 children and families like Paul’s. At the core of the Museum’s work is its Access for All program. Recent studies have revealed that being “kindergarten-ready” enhances a child’s chances of meeting educational milestones and decreases the likelihood of adverse outcomes in life.

“Research has shown that the period of a child’s life from birth to age five is crucial for cognitive development. During these formative years, children will lay the foundation for skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and communication. These social and emotional skills are foundational for future success in school, work, and life,” Whitney Raser, Director of Education at SDCDM shared with GB Magazine.

Unfortunately, access to early childhood educational resources disproportionately affects economically disadvantaged families, leading to significant academic and social readiness gaps. SDCDM’s Access for All program provides families access to the Museum regardless of financial or physical barriers. Through reduced admission, scholarships for Title-I schools and sensory-friendly mornings for children with special needs, SDCDM provides a welcoming and inclusive space for all children and families seeking enriching, early learning opportunities.

As the Museum continues to expand and grow its offerings, the community’s support is vital to reach children at home, school and in the community. When the public invests in its youngest learners, society gains a more capable, productive and valuable workforce that builds regional resilience and pays dividends for generations.

SDCDM’s mission of sparking a love of learning so all children can discover their wildest dreams would not be possible without the relentless support of the families, children, teachers, and the community it serves.

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Kamran Saeed