Cristo Rey San Diego High School

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Breaking Barriers, Transforming Lives

Cristo Rey San Diego High School (CRSD) serves as a beacon of hope in an underserved community, empowering economically disadvantaged youth to thrive as resilient individuals of faith, purpose, and service. As the 37th member of the Cristo Rey Network spanning 24 states, it currently hosts 180 students with plans to expand to 400. Beyond a non-profit educational institution, Cristo Rey San Diego merges a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with hands-on Corporate Work experience grounded in Catholic values.

In August 2020, amid the uncertainties of the pandemic, they welcomed their inaugural class of 60 freshmen, driven by the conviction that its mission could not wait. Esteemed leader Dr. Stephen Ferruolo, Chairman & Former Dean of the USD School of Law, affirms its significance, sharing with GB Magazine, “It is a win-win for San Diego and its business community!”

Operating independently of government or church funding, CRSD equips first-generation college-bound students with essential social and life skills through their Corporate Work Study Program. Students work one day a week in entry-level professional roles in over 40 organizations, ranging from law firms to real estate companies, covering half of their tuition expenses. Impressively, over 95% of their students receive positive ratings from their employers.

In this year’s inaugural graduating class, also an outstanding 95% of seniors have received offers from 47 prestigious four-year universities, including the University of San Diego, UCSD, UCLA, Pomona College, and Emory University.

Senior Cavin Nguyen shared, “CRSD has taught me the importance of growth. This mindset has taught me not to be afraid to make mistakes in my academic and professional life.” Cavin has yet to commit to a school, but has been accepted to SDSU, USD, and LMU!

Christian Kampfl, President of CRSD added, “We are immensely proud of our founding seniors for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to our school community. Their graduation signifies not only the culmination of their academic journeys but also the beginning of a new chapter for our school. They have set a high standard of excellence and leadership, and we do not doubt that they will continue to excel in all their future endeavors.”

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Esteban Villanueva