Chicano Federation of San Diego Hosts 2022 Annual Unity Luncheon


The Chicano Federation of San Diego will be hosting the Annual Unity Luncheon on May 6, 2022. For decades, the Unity Luncheon has been a staple event in San Diego and the Federation’s largest fundraiser of the year. The event brings together hundreds of community and business leaders to raise funds to support the Federation’s numerous community programs and services. In 2022, after two years of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will also be bringing attendees back together for a 100% in-person event.

Chicano Federation of San Diego County is a leading nonprofit in the San Diego region and has worked towards the benefit of all San Diegans since 1969. The Federation’s programs and services address San Diego’s most critical needs by offering subsidized care for infants and toddlers, early childhood education at a preschool in Barrio Logan, healthy meals for over 7,500 children each month, 300 units of affordable housing at nine apartment buildings in Barrio Logan, City Heights, and South Park neighborhoods of San Diego, and a workforce development program that has helped thousands of women start family child care homes across San Diego County.

At the 2022 Annual Unity Luncheon, Chicano Federation will share its 2021 accomplishments that addressed the most pressing needs in the community by providing services and resources, especially to those most impacted by the pandemic. However, there are still many needs in our communities. All the funds raised at the Unity Luncheon will help assist San Diego County individuals and families who still need support towards an equitable recovery.

“Chicano Federation has been making strides in providing San Diego’s most underserved communities many resources and services to support the recovery from the COVID-19 devastating effects. Our job is not done. We are committed to continuing our tireless efforts to ensure that everyone in San Diego County has access to services and resources.” Chicano Federation’s CEO, Liz Ramirez, shared with GB Magazine. “We are very proud to have many partners and supporters who believe in our mission and continue to work with us to assist our community. The Unity Luncheon is a clear example of us working together, in unity, to support the individuals and families who need it the most.”

As part of the event’s program, the Chicano Federation will present its Annual Awards. The Community Partner of the Year Award and the Corporate Partner of the Year Award are introduced to an individual and an organization who, through their work, voluntarism and support of the Federation, help advance its mission and goals. In addition, Chicano Federation, in partnership with the Jacobi Family, will present the Julie Perez Scholarship. The Jacobi family’s mission is to find talented, driven, and deserving young Latina women pursuing a college degree. They believe that young women can change their lives and the lives of many others to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable society.

To purchase tickets for the Annual Unity Luncheon, visit or request more information on how to support the Chicano Federation’s efforts by calling (619) 285-5600.

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Esteban Villanueva