Moonlight Magic

Episcopal community services ceo elizabeth fitzsimons

Funding Transformative Programs

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) invites you to a night of creative cuisines, live music, and fun auction items at a luxurious tropical waterfront resort with stunning views of the San Diego Bay to raise funds to support ECS’s transformative programs. The Moonlight Magic: Under the Flower Moon Gala raises funds for some of the most vulnerable communities within San Diego County: children and families living on low incomes, people with mental health and substance use disorders, and individuals experiencing homelessness. Episcopal Community Services provides care to all, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

Behind the fun night is a dedicated group of volunteers and staff, including the gala co-chairs Kathy Fremdling and Leta Keyes. Between opting for a spacious outside venue and having multiple events throughout the night, the duo has started thinking outside the box to put on a safe but exciting event. Keyes shared her excitement for the gala with GB Magazine, saying, “To be selected to be one of the Co-Chairs for the gala the last three years is such an honor. Hopefully, the gala will not only help raise funds but, more importantly, it will raise awareness of all the wonderful programs ECS has. ECS has grown and can reach many families, women, children, homeless, and those needing rehabilitation on many different levels.”

For both Leta and Kathy, their work for the gala is driven by their love of the community and ECS staff. “Seeing the level of care from the Central East Regional Recovery Center facility and counselors was the most impactful experience I have had with ECS,” Kathy shared. “It became clear that we would not reach those in need without them. They are true superheroes.” For Leta, the effect on the community is one of the main drivers for her appreciation of ECS. “From collecting food from Mt. Caramel High School’s ‘Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat’ program to shopping for families for Angel Trees and wrapping hundreds of gifts to families, ECS has helped so many people in many different ways which are both satisfying and gratifying.”

Experiencing her second gala as CEO, Elizabeth Fitzsimons expressed her appreciation for the event saying, “Last year was so thrilling having just joined the ECS team. Now, having spent time with our team, board, donors, and clients, I have a greater appreciation for what ECS does, our impact as an organization, and the opportunity we have to make an even deeper impact on our region. We have this wonderful community of supporters, and when they come to this event, I want them to feel connected, valued, and energized to be on this journey with us.”

The Moonlight Magic: Under the Flower Moon Gala is scheduled for May 14th at Humphreys Half Moon Inn. For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact Andrea Muir at (619) 228-2800 or by visiting

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