Carina Luz Valladolid inspires others to live a meaningful, peaceful life. For most of us, it is hard to live in the moment and to stay focused on what is truly important. She does this with such ease and calmness – no structure, no rules, no schedule – just herself and subscribing to how she believes we should really live life to the fullest. Here is her story.

Carina works in the non-profit sector and has been a creator and producer of events for over 25 years as well as a motivational speaker and life coach. For Carina, giving back and helping the community has always been something she has always enjoyed. She finds passion in her work, as her job fills her with joy and she has grown through the experience. Gathering lots of women that share similar vision is powerful and continues to keep her motivated to help and inspire others.
Fortunately, balancing work and family is not difficult for her as she has the flexibility to choose her own hours. Plus, every time Carina feels stressed, she identifies it and takes action. When she becomes stressed, she asks herself an important question, “what is it that I have to do to feel relaxed?” Once she figures it out, she takes a moment to readjust and moves forward with accomplishing her goal.
Carina shared with GB Magazine that she strongly believes that “what you believe, is what you create”. By staying mentally and spiritually healthy, you can stick to what you believe. Another powerful tool, is to practice mindful breathing, because “breathing is the window to the soul.” Meditating, being conscious of your breathing, and living in the present is what really matters when it comes to remaining mentally and spiritually healthy.
Each day is different for Carina because she believes it is important to listen to what her body wants and needs. For example, her day is not only made up of doing what she must do, but to go throughout her day by taking accountability for what her body tells her it needs. Some days are relaxed, while others are very active. Same thing with working out; some days she pushes herself harder than others. Listening to her body is what makes her days easier to get through and more enjoyable. After years of trying many different cardio exercises, what turned out to be best workout for her was yoga. Her sessions vary from simple to intense.
The same philosophy applies to eating, sometimes her body will tell her to only eat fruits and vegetables, while other times she eats a wide array of foods. While Carina does not follow any kind of diet, she no longer eats meat. Once she stopped eating meat, her body began rejecting other unhealthy foods as well. One of her favorite places to eat is Morton’s steak house, despite the fact that she does not eat meat! She enjoys it very much because of the atmosphere, which takes her back to when she was a little girl!