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These days, chaos is not uncommon. If you are chronically overwhelmed with the prospect of getting organized, you are not alone. This especially rings true if you live in a home surrounded by overflowing cabinets, overstuffed closets and an overall surplus of unnecessary items.
Sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day routines that the space around us can take a backseat. To help you kick off your decluttering journey, we spoke to nationally acclaimed author, speaker, and organizing guru – Andrew Mellen.

Before Andrew was dubbed “the most organized man in America,” he was spending much of his time navigating the theater world. After graduating from North Michigan University, Andrew began working as an actor, and ultimately, started running successful theater companies in both New York City and Seattle. Following his stint at The Kennedy Center, where he co-produced an award ceremony, Andrew realized that his true calling was no longer acting or directing.
Since then, Andrew has penned two books including “Unstuff Your Life: Kick the Clutter Habit” and “Completely Organize Your Life for Good.” Now, he is a successful entrepreneur and professional organizer who recently developed a unique, sustainable system for streamlined living. From the attic to the basement, the kitchen to the car, Andrew’s techniques have proved to produce long-lasting results for everyone who tries them out. Whether you are someone who routinely misplaces your possessions or holds on to belongings for far too long, Andrew’s methods ensure that you are empowered to let go and live a cleaner, more clutter-free life.
From July 28th to August 25th, Andrew will be presenting a five-week intensive course on “How to Unstuff Your Life,” at the La Jolla Community Center. In this course, he covers the main clutter hot spots people encounter every day: papers and filing, clothes and closets, storage spaces and kitchens, and sentimental objects. The last session will go over the fundamentals of getting and staying organized. Executive Director Nancy Walters shared with GB Magazine, “We are thrilled to have Andrew Mellen present this course to the La Jolla Community Center members and the public. I think I speak for many who are spending much time at home that we all look forward to learning about a system to organize and “unstuff” our homes – and put a system in place that will ensure a peaceful and serene place to call home.”
Andrew further explains, “The idea is to have participants lead functional lives after taking this course. Instead of me lecturing at people, I make it an interactive experience. There are a few exercises we will do in real time all together, but most of the work will take place at home between sessions. Plus, each person will be assigned an ‘accountability buddy’ who will provide them with additional support.”
Andrew’s motto is “more love, less stuff.” Above all else, his goal is to get people from all walks of life to focus on spending time with family and enjoying new experiences instead of engaging in a dead-end, one-way relationship with objects. He notes that the key to a balanced, well-managed life is mindset. The more we can concentrate on what really matters, the easier it is to harness that focus and achieve what he calls “stuff equilibrium.”

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