10 Things About Mitch Mitchell & Stephen Cushman and ENVISION, Sharp HealthCare


“Remember that it’s not about the financial resources that you may lack, but instead it’s about your desire to be impactful with your efforts.”
– Mitch Mitchell

Mitch Mitchell and Stephen Cushman both have strong roots in San Diego. Stephen Cushman’s family arrived in San Diego in the 1860s and has remained involved in community service ever since. Mitch Mitchell joined his first nonprofit board in 1994 and never stopped believing in the importance of helping the community and making San Diego a more inclusive place to live. Now, both Cushman and Mitchell are spearheading the Honorary Committee for ENVISION, Sharp HealthCare’s comprehensive effort to bring new technology, innovation, facilities and more of the best and brightest clinicians to San Diego.



#1 Mitchell is the Senior Vice President of Diversity and Community Partnerships at Sempra. Cushman is the Chairman of the Sharp Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees.


#2 Mitchell was born in California but moved to Oklahoma City when he was 4 years old. Mitchell came back to California for college and has lived in San Diego since 1990. Cushman has lived in San Diego all his life and is proud to be a 4th generation San Diegan.


#3 Mitchell and his wife Rebecca have two college-age daughters. Cushman and his wife Marjorie have two daughters, 4 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.


#4 Mitchell would tell his younger self to look at opportunities, to be a problem solver for nonprofit causes and connect with other community leaders to gain insight from their experiences. Cushman’s advice for his younger self would be to always work hard and marry above yourself.


#5 For Mitchell, focusing on improving the connection between diverse communities and health care was a significant part of his interest in working with Sharp HealthCare. Cushman has a family history of service at Sharp HealthCare, dating all the way back to 1947. Cushman followed that tradition, as have his daughters and grandchildren.


#6 Mitchell: “The Sharp Experience is an asset that everyone deserves. Everyone should expect that level of service when the need for health care arises.”


#7 Cushman: “Sharp is composed of the most caring health care individuals on the planet. There is a level of dedication that no other health care system can compare to. “


#8 Mitchell: “ENVISION is another example of Sharp’s commitment to always look for new ways to enhance the lives of anyone who walks into their facilities.”


#9 Cushman: “As the cost of health care rises, it’s imperative that we give as much as possible so that Sharp can continue to provide exceptional care to the community.”


#10 Through the ENVISION campaign, you can help shape the future of health care for all of San Diego – from the South Bay to North County.


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