10 Things About Matt Cobas & Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego


“Sometimes it takes a long time to learn how to play like yourself.”
– Miles Davis


Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego provides a “home-away-from-home” for families with children being treated for serious, often life-threatening conditions at local hospitals. Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego (RMHCSD) plays a pivotal role in supporting families in the San Diego region. The nonprofit organization provides lodging, meals, emotional support and family day services at no cost to more than 15,000 families annually, allowing them to support their child through a medical crisis without adding financial strain. Matt Cobas is a Trustee as well as the Chair of RMHCSD’s Philanthropy Committee.


#1 grew up in North County, San Diego.


#2 My grandmother loved Hawaii and took me and my sister on frequent trips as kids. She passed away last year, and we spread some of her ashes on Maui, which makes it of even greater significance to us.


#3 I would love to take my wife, Rachel, to Japan. I am hapa (half Japanese) and was in Tokyo and Yokosuka for a brief period of time while I was in the Navy.


#4 I love to cook. My favorite chef is Kenji Lopez-Alt. He uses a science-based approach to cooking, and I enjoy learning how different techniques will affect a dish.


#5 Our dog Zoey is a fluffy Maltipoo that likes to sleep all day and bark all night.


#6 I think the more we are collectively engaged and invested in solving problems that face our community, the better off we all will be. It is also important to me that my sons, Henry and Austin, grow up with a sense of service and compassion.


#7 When our kids are sick, the world stops. The grace and compassion that I have witnessed at the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego, compelled me to participate in any way I could and help the members of our community in their time of need.


#8 RMHCSD’s Family Care Center grants all hospital families – not just overnight guests – free access to the House’s resources, including meals, nap rooms, showers, kitchen equipment, non-denominational chapel, gym, laundry facilities and more so they can stay close to their hospitalized child, while giving them a safe space nearby to take a moment to care for themselves.


#9 RMHCSD also offers a School Away from School program for children and siblings of those undergoing medical treatment. In partnership with the San Diego Unified School District, the program is free of charge to children residing at the House and is open to students in transitional kindergarten through grade 12.


#10 Our 32nd Annual Golf Invitational has supported Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego for over three decades.


Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego
32nd Annual Golf Invitational
Monday, September 18, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.
La Jolla Country Club


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