10 Things About Joan Huck & Episcopal Community Services

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Episcopal Community Services (ECS) is committed to providing life-changing care for children and adults in our community who face poverty, homelessness, trauma and mental health and substance use disorders. Due to COVID-19, Episcopal Community Services’ upcoming gala has been postponed. As a result, ECS Board Member, Joan Huck is working hard to raise money to help make up the difference. The gala would have been a key source of financial support for ECS’ high-quality therapeutic services, transitional housing, child development programs and other crucial resources to those most in need in San Diego County.

10 Things About Joan Huck & Episcopal Community Services

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#1 I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I was one of eight children and I have a twin brother.

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#2 Just always assume adversity is a given but your reaction to it, is so important. Be creative, be positive, and that will increase your resilience.

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#3 I recently went to New Zealand on an adventure travel trip where we hiked, biked, kayaked, and rafted down a river. The scenery was breathtaking, and the mountains were as beautiful as the beaches.

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#4 In the future I would like to travel to South America including Patagonia. And, I would still like to explore more nature here in the US.

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#5 I want to have grandchildren that I can nurture and love.

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#6 I am Fort Wayne City Diving Champion and I also won 1st place in the Optimist Bike Rodeo two years in a row.

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#7 I am positive because I am determined. And I generally believe in the goodness of people.

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#8 Be kind. And do not give up on people because so many times I have been pleasantly surprised. Try and see the good in people.

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#9 When my son was in junior high, I was in tears when I picked him up from school. He asked me why and I told him that one of my administrators had torn into me. I thought I don’t need this, I will quit. He turned and said, “You’re going to let one person deter you from what you want to do?”

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#10 For over a year, Elizabeth and her two young children received bilingual and bicultural mental health services at ECS’ Para Las Familias. Elizabeth said, “I first went to PLF in the middle of a crisis and was welcomed with open arms and was supported from the get-go. That gave me the confidence to know that they were going to be with me through everything I needed. I can’t even come up with the words to express how great this program is and how much they’ve helped me with my kids.”

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Episcopal Community Services


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