10 Things About Arnulfo Manriquez & MAAC


“The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t seriously consider them as believable or achievable.”
– Denis Waitley

MAAC’s mission is maximizing self-sufficiency with families and individuals through high-quality programs and advocacy in our communities. Arnulfo Manriquez attended the grand opening for the Mercado Apartments, which provided affordable housing for 144 families. During the event, Arnulfo heard MAAC’s goal of providing “More Than Housing” and knew he would come work there soon. Arnulfo has been with MAAC for 17 years now and currently serves as their President & Chief Executive Officer.

#1 I am a life-long resident of this great binational region. I went to six different schools, on both sides of the border, from elementary through high school. It helped me become very comfortable meeting new people and being exposed to different environments.


#2 My favorite travel destination is Valle de Guadalupe, the wine region in Baja California. It gives me peace, tranquility and happiness. I especially enjoy seeing the night sky light up with bright stars. I recently purchased an acre of land in the heart of the valley, where I plan to build a home and retire in the future.


#3 Although I studied French for eight years and am fluent, I have never visited France. This trip is imminent.


#4 After a 25-year break, I am taking piano lessons and (re)learning to play. I am loving getting back into the music I used to play.


#5 Skydiving with my son Diego is at the top of my bucket list, though we will wait until 2024, when he turns 18.

#6 My dog, Bella, is a 10-year-old black Labrador Retriever who is spunky, talkative and very loved (although she wakes me up way too early in the morning).


#7 Mi Mamá impacted my life tremendously. I learned a lot from her. I saw her adapt to life in the United States: becoming an RN assistant, starting and growing a flower business, a baking business, and still being the bravest adventurer, I knew.


#8 From one of our Child Development families: “MAAC’s Child Development Program completely changed our lives. My daughter learned so much at MAAC to prepare her for kindergarten; the resources they provided, helped me become a better parent, and I gained a support system I could truly trust. We love MAAC, the staff has done so much for us and have become part of our family.”


#9 Beyond the programs and services we provide to the community, MAAC contributes more than $200 million of economic impact to the San Diego County economy.


#10 Proceeds from the 2022 MAAC Soirée will benefit all of MAAC’s economic recovery programs.

2022 MAAC Soiree
Thursday, October 27, 2022
5:30 – 8:30 PM
Held at The Lane – 900 Bayfront Court, Suite 200, San Diego

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