10 Things About Jessica Lundgren &
Helen Woodward Animal Center


“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) is known for their Adoptions Program but they also provide: pet food for homebound seniors and disabled military, Pet Encounter Therapy for children and adults confined to institutional settings, Therapeutic Riding for challenged riders, humane education for children of all ages, a resale store, and top equine and small animal hospitals.

Jessica Lundgren has been generously supporting HWAC’s efforts through the Selander Foundation as well as being a dedicated “foster mom.” Jessica has saved homeless dogs and puppies by giving them attention, care, and socialization until they are ready for their forever home. Jessica also sits on the committee for the new Helen Woodward Animal Center Humane Education and Pet Encounter Therapy building, scheduled to break ground in 2021.

10 Things About Jessica Lundgren & Helen Woodward Animal Center

#1 I was born in Southern California and raised in Connecticut.

#2 To be able to come together and do amazing things, it is important to actively listen and have empathy even when you do not agree with whats being said.

#3 I do love travel and being able to see other cultures, architecture, and landscape. Our son has the travel bug already, so I foresee us taking a trip every year if we can.

#4 I have been lucky to build a life with horses which was a big bucket list item for me.

#5 We have two dogs named Pliny and Taxi, two horses named Hank and Chester and my son has two frogs named Camo and Ninja.

#6 I think perspective can help you stay positive. Sure, I will complain and vent about my day, but when it comes down to it, I am really lucky and I have a good life.

#7 There are so many abused animals out there that have every reason to hurt us and yet when organizations like Helen Woodward come to the rescue, they are so quick to trust and open up again. Their ability to forgive is amazing.

#8 Do not desperately try to be liked by everyone. We all want to be liked, but it is exhausting trying to extend yourself to be something for everyone and it is not really that rewarding.

#9 Every day, animal shelters like Helen Woodward Animal Center are able to turn a terrible situation into a happy ending.

#10 Demi and her eight newborns were at a shelter in Texas. Demi had a broken femur and was heartworm-positive. The shelter could not provide the care Demi needed. So, in February, Demi, her puppies, and many other orphan pets traveled from Texas to HWAC. After half a year in our care, Demi will finally have the life and love she deserves with her new adoptive family.

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