10 Things About Jeff Spitko & San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance


“Working hard at something you don’t care about is called stress. Working hard at something you love is called passion.”
– Simon Sinek

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is committed to saving species worldwide by uniting their expertise in wildlife care and conservation science with their dedication to inspiring passion for nature. Jeff Spitko has been obsessed with animals since he was a child. So, once the opportunity came up to be the director of membership and audience management for San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, he gave it 100% to land the role and succeeded.

#1 I grew up in a small town 45 minutes west of Philadelphia. Go Phillies!!! Go Eagles!!!


#2 Growing up as the youngest of 6, my dad worked incredibly hard to support us. And my mom should be classified as a saint because we were not the easiest of children to raise.


#3 I grew up swimming competitively year-round. Now as an adult I still find swimming laps is the best way to completely clear my mind and relax.


#4 I used to sell electronics on QVC. It is a 24/7 live operation and most of my airings were between 7 pm and 7 am. The number of people that buy printers at 3 am will always be one of life’s greatest mysteries to me.


#5 When the Australian wildfires hit in 2020, our team worked on a critical needs campaign to quickly raise funds to support the efforts on the ground rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife. It was heartbreaking to see what was happening there, and my hope is that one day I can visit and see wildlife once again thriving.

#6 My dog Brixton was a stray living on the streets in Los Angeles. When I rescued him in 2020, he was terrified of everything, would barely eat, and would not let anyone come near him. To see him grow into this happy, playful, affectionate little pup has been one of the best experiences of my life.


#7 In my personal experience, waking up every day and knowing that your hard work is making the world a better place leaves you with a sense of purpose and joy.


#8 A local southern California species, the quino checkerspot butterfly, was federally listed as Endangered under the Endangered Species Act in 1997. Like all pollinators, the quino checkerspot butterfly plays an important role in maintaining native plant life.


#9 San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and their partners, use a range of science-based conservation techniques to rear larvae at the San Diego Zoo’s Butterfly Conservation Lab and release them into native habitat.


#10 Honor your mother, grandmother, or loved one by dedicating a symbolic butterfly adoption which supports collaborative efforts to save butterflies.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
Symbolic butterfly adoptions for Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12th and beyond

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