10 Things About Fred Bacallan & Wheelhouse Credit Union


“Life is all about experiences, live it with a good intention.”

Since first opening its doors in 1934, Wheelhouse Credit Union (formerly San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union) now serves more than 32,000 community members in the greater San Diego area. Wheelhouse is “San Diego Made and Proud,” providing a full suite of consumer banking services and a comprehensive set of Energy-Efficient and Solar Loan products for the conscientious San Diegan. Wheelhouse Credit Union is not only committed to helping its Members succeed, but also supporting initiatives that help San Diego thrive.

Fred Bacallan, a downtown branch teller at Wheelhouse Credit Union, continuously volunteers with Team Wheelhouse at community give-back events. Most recently, Fred helped clean up the campus of César Chavez Elementary School, Wheelhouse Credit Union’s first recipient of the inaugural D. Cruz Gonzalez Memorial Grant. Fred and Team Wheelhouse, along with the help of the students, spruced up the school garden, re-painted multiple planters and walls, and removed trash in and around the campus.


#1 I grew up in Stockton, California.


#2 My Mom is the strongest and kindest human being that I have ever known. She has not only taken care of myself and my 4 sisters, but also extended her love and support to other family members. Her compassion knows no bounds.


#3 I love the reaction that I get when I tell people that I used to work at the San Joaquin County Jail.


#4 New York City is my favorite travel destination. I went at a young age and now that I am an adult, I would love to revisit and get the full experience.


#5 In 2024, I plan on having my mini vacation in Japan.


#6 I have two dogs: Dede The Pug, and Haru the Japanese Chin.


#7 I will never forget my summer reading assignment: “The Eight”. I was never much of a reader until then.


#8 I believe it is important to give back because it shows kindness and spreads positivity within the community.


#9 I started working at Wheelhouse Credit Union because I wanted to challenge myself, to grow and learn something entirely new and different. I got so much more than that. I have gained an amazing work family and now I feel that I am a part of something much bigger and important.


#10 The D. Cruz Gonzalez Memorial Grant was established to honor the legacy of former Wheelhouse Board Chair, Daniel “Cruz” Gonzalez and his lifelong commitment to volunteerism in underserved communities. Funds will be used by the school to provide admission to 5th grade camp, classroom supplies, library books, materials for the school garden, PE equipment and supplies for a sensory room to support the mental and emotional health of students.

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