“The only limits that exist are the ones we agree to.”

Food2Soil Composting Collective was started in 2015 by Inika Small Earth, as a community supported social enterprise. Inika Small Earth is a 501c(3) tax exempt corporation that works on fostering a circular economy that is enterprise-driven, people-powered and community-centered. Since 2015, Food2Soil has diverted 281 tons of food scraps away from the landfill and transformed them into 7,030 cubic feet of compost thereby reducing 194 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Food2Soil’s mission is to build a future that is resource wise and resilient by making composting accessible and affordable for all San Diegans. Food2Soil offers scrap pick up services, neighborhood drop-off hubs, and full-service onsite composting. As the Co-Manager and Social Media Content Creator for the San Carlos Community Hub, Gavin Smith assists in establishing and maintaining self-sufficient spaces and community development by connecting with the land, ourselves, and each other.

10 Things About Gavin Smith & Food2Soil

#1 I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.

#2 I think it is important for everyone to have the ability of recognizing emotions as they arise and responding from a space of stillness, rather than reacting to the emotion.

#3 My favorite places to travel are ones with water where I can swim!

#4 I LOVE to cook. Sharing the joy of nutrient-rich meals is one of the best experiences on this planet!

#5 Our breath is one of our most powerful tools in our tool belt; when I remember to slow down, and breathe, consciously, I am able to embrace any challenge the day may offer!

#6 I am always surprised by how out of touch the modern person is with the natural rhythms of this realm. (Myself included)

#7 The book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a transformative read and one of the most valuable lessons I have had the joy of learning.

#8 I was taught that food scraps were trash, and trash is dirty! Food scraps hold as much, if not more, nutrients than the edible aspects of the food, and these nutrients may be transformed into nutrient-dense, quality compost.

#9 It is a joy to educate and share the practices of Food2Soil with those ready and willing to learn. Once folks start becoming conscious of how they are expanding their energy, and where their “waste,” goes, there’s no turning back!

#10 Here at Food2Soil, we recognize that all that is worthwhile occurs in organic timing. We are here for the long haul; all we can wish is to continue to explore, experiment, and educate the infinite wisdom provided by the practice of composting.

Drop off locations throughout San Diego