10 Things About Donna Salof & Coronado Schools Foundation


STEM and Arts Pathways Programs Fuel Student Success

Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF) is a community driven fundraising organization, which supplements state funding for two pathways in the public schools of Coronado Unified School District: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) and Arts. CSF has provided a means for parents, community members and local businesses to invest in superior public education for children in the Coronado Unified School District. Since its founding in 1982, CSF has grown into a million-dollar commitment to maintain rigorous academics and a breadth of educational experiences from kindergarten through high school. Funds raised by CSF pay for teachers and other educators whose positions the state of California does not fund or require, but parents and educators consider necessary for a quality education. The Coronado Schools Foundation and the Coronado Chamber of Commerce invite you to the Second Annual Coronado Art & Wine Festival on Saturday, May 13, 2023. Donna Salof is this year’s Title Sponsor as well as the Annual Gala Chair.


#1 I grew up in the St. Louis, Missouri area.


#2 My Mother is someone who has positively impacted my life. She was one to help people in any way she could.


#3 Alaska is my favorite travel destination, and I would like to someday visit Morocco.


#4 I have two Vizslas: Ruby and Scarlett


#5 I have been involved with education since our daughter was in school. I always found some way to help.


#6 The students of today can be our great citizens for tomorrow. They need a great base to accomplish this and that begins with education.


#7 Through community involvement and support, Coronado Schools Foundation raises and manages funds to provide exceptional learning experiences for all Coronado Unified School District students.


#8 Coronado Schools Foundation envisions a public school community that provides students an opportunity to learn, thrive and reach their highest potential today and into their future.


#9 Without the funding provided by CSF, our public school students would not have access to classes like fine art, choir, band, performing arts, robotics and computer science. Only through our fundraising efforts and amazing community involvement are we able to make these learning experiences a possibility for our students.


#10 CSF is partnering with the Coronado Chamber of Commerce for the Second Annual Coronado Art & Wine Festival taking place on 10th Street & Orange Avenue. The Festival is designed to bring everyone together while funding essential programs at our public schools. It features local artists and restaurants to showcase the best of the Crown City. All of the money raised will go directly to support STEM & Arts programs for grades K-12 at Coronado’s four public schools.



Coronado Schools Foundation
Second Annual Coronado Art & Wine Festival
Saturday, May 13, 2023
Noon to 5pm
10th Street & Orange Avenue; Coronado Island


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