10 Things About Dione & Options For All


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Dione is a participant of Options For All (OFA), a California state-wide nonprofit headquartered in San Diego that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In OFA’s Community Engagement Program, Dione works with OFA employees each weekday to explore opportunities for meaningful work and volunteer opportunities, recreation, friendships and much more. Soon, Dione will be taking part in a new Options For All Program dedicated to older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

10 Things About Dione & Options For All

1. Dione lives in Chula Vista and participates in OFA’s Community Engagement program, which meets in community settings like libraries and parks. This program, designed for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, helps them engage in the community, learn new skills, and build relationships.


2. San Diego County is where Dione was meant to be. Even if given a chance to live anywhere in the world, she would rather stay here!


3. Dione’s favorite part of the program at Options For All is having a variety of activities and work opportunities available to her. She wants to learn everything she can to have the necessary tools for future employment.


4. Friendship is very important to Dione. She has made two very dear friends, Anna and Dianne, in the Community Engagement Program. She loves getting to see and spend time with them.


5. Princess, Dione’s pet Chihuahua, is her faithful companion while she is at home.

6. If she could do anything in the world, Dione would choose to go to the park more. She loves any opportunity to meet new people, plus it gives her the chance to enjoy the San Diego sunshine.


7. Although meeting new people is fun and exciting, she does not mind spending some time relaxing with her family at home, and of course, Princess is there too.


8. Dione is looking forward to joining a new Options For All program created to support the needs of older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


9. In this program, she is most looking forward to accessing immersive experiences worldwide, connecting with others, and exploring further training through virtual reality.


10. What topic is Dione most interested in learning about in this new program? Dinosaurs! Once she has mastered that, through virtual reality, the world will be at her fingertips.

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