10 Things About Ann Wycoff & WILDCOAST


“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”
– Iroquois philosophy

The mission of WILDCOAST is to conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and address climate change with natural solutions. WILDCOAST is helping protect 38 million acres of wildlife filled coastlines and ocean habitat in California and Mexico. As a journalist, Ann Wycoff focused on human excellence whenever possible, so she wrote about WILDCOAST’s executive director Serge Dedina, a hero of Ann’s for helping save Laguna San Ignacio, a gray whale lagoon in Baja. Ann served on the WILDCOAST Board for a few years and then joined the staff three years ago as the Director of Development.


#1 I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


#2 While living in Los Angeles during the 90s, I wrote and produced an indie film starring Sandra Bullock.


#3 It was my idea to start the rock-n-roll shows at the Hollywood Bowl.


#4 I had the pleasure of meeting Jane Goodall and there was something about her stillness and wisdom that really struck me, not to mention her dedication to saving nature.


#5 I would like to go to the Pantanal in Brazil, the world’s largest tropical wetland, home to incredible wildlife like jaguars and giant six-foot river otters.


#6 Billie is my 18-month-old baby Bernese Mountain Dog who weighs 83 pounds.


#7 Change comes from directed energy. Small groups can be incredibly effective in creating momentum and ultimately positive change – we like to call them force-movers. Many people suffer from doom and gloom paralysis, but instead find your cause and take action. Imagine if we ALL did something to give back.


#8 My favorite travel destination is San Ignacio Lagoon, the gray whale breeding and birthing sanctuary where you can spend a few days communing with the whales and their newborns. It is a remote pristine place that WILDCOAST helped save and now helps protect.


#9 WILDCOAST is a nimble, passionate, boots-on-the-ground binational team of 25 with a relentless focus on conservation impact. We work with local communities to save their precious natural resources and threatened wildlife and create jobs, whether we are protecting sea turtle nesting beaches and gray whale breeding lagoons, stopping the tsunami of trash at the US-Mexico from entering the Pacific or safeguarding our underwater parks off the coast of California.


#10 The funds from our Baja Bash will go toward our coastal and ocean protection programs in California and Baja California. We are so lucky to have 72 miles of coastline in San Diego County and easy access to Baja for great surf, sunsets, seafood and more. Let’s work together to keep our ocean healthy and thriving!


Baja Bash
Saturday, June 17, 2023
6 to 9 pm
The Montbleau Estate in Solana Beach

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