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Force behind the Forces

You will be happy to know the USO in San Diego County is operating at full speed. There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the USO!
The consolidation of the One USO concept is complete, resulting in one organization unified to execute their mission of strengthening our military service members by keeping them connected to Family, Home and Country, throughout their service to the Nation. With the support of many past Board Chairs and Board Members the USO transition is complete, and they are better for it and making an incredible difference here at home and abroad.
This new One USO concept provides a sustainable approach to operations that ensures they are executing their programs to meet today’s servicemember’s needs, here and abroad. USO can now offer the right programs to our service members and their families wherever they are deployed or call home. USO is truly a “Force behind the Forces.”

USO San Diego is host to the largest concentration of service members in the country with over 140,000 service members residing in our County. The USO has been here in San Diego for 81 years and has always provided meaningful support to OUR troops and their families. They have never wavered from their mission.

USO San Diego is executing their mission daily through the local USO Centers and Programs. In San Diego County there is USO Center Camp Pendleton, USO Center Liberty Station, USO Neil Ash Airport Center, USO MEPS Center and the Transition and Field Programs capabilities, all designed, resourced, and staged to meet the needs of today’s service members and commands. USO is at the right places focused on doing the right thing.

During the next year, USO San Diego is focused on several goals: Mission – Supporting our troops and their families; Growth – Expanding their reach to the local bases; Awareness – Sharing their impact; Partnerships – Recognition; and People – Finding and keeping the best.

To celebrate their achievements and new goals, on 22 October, 2022 they are hosting their USO Stars and Stripes Gala at the US Coast Guard Station San Diego. This will be an outstanding evening of patriotism and recognition, designed to share their local mission impact, recognize those that have been special partners, and provide a venue where we can together celebrate our heritage of unconditional support of our troops and their families.
Please consider being a part of this meaningful organization that will continue to be the “Force behind the Forces” and join in this special evening and celebration.

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Esteban Villanueva