Top 5 Places to Enjoy Tea in San Diego

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Why not make your Sunday afternoon splendid with a touch of charm and a sip of tea? San Diego is catching onto the British afternoon tea, and it is spreading like wildfire! From cozy tea houses to swanky hotels, everyone is in on the game. Dive into our curated list of the finest afternoon tea spots in San Diego. Whether you are after a delightful gathering with friends or a romantic Valentine’s Day tea, these spots will not disappoint!


Coral tree tea house

1. Coral Tree Tea House
Wander into this charming vintage Victorian home for a classic British-style afternoon tea experience. Imagine savoring warm, freshly baked scones, delightful desserts, sandwiches, Devonshire-style cream, or zesty lemon curds, all paired with a cup of rich English breakfast tea. Got gluten-free needs? They’ve got you covered, but heads up – there is a little extra charge, and make sure to give them the heads-up at least 48 hours in advance.


Aubreyrose tea room

2. AubreyRose Tea Room
Step into the charming world of AubreyRose Tea Room, a hidden gem in the heart of La Mesa’s Antiques district. Since 2003, they have been delighting tea enthusiasts with their English-style tea experience. Indulge in the regal Queen Victoria or the elegant Lady Anne, both featuring a delightful array of sandwiches, savories, seasonal fruit, scones, and petite sweets, along with endless cups of their finest loose-leaf tea. Do not miss the impromptu delight of their walk-in cream tea, and for a touch of sparkle, add a glass of Champagne.


Fairmont grand del mar

3. Fairmont Grand Del Mar
Indulging in the lavish charm of Fairmont Grand Del Mar’s afternoon tea is a treat one should not miss. Picture this – a delightful rendezvous in the library or lobby, savoring three courses of bliss – from scones with jam to dainty finger sandwiches. Elevate the experience with Tea Forté selections. Available Fridays through Sundays, reservations need a heads-up 24 hours prior. Because, let us be honest, teatime is best enjoyed with a touch of grandeur.


Marlenes tea & cakes

4. Marlene’s Tea & Cakes
Whether you are planning an intimate date for two or a lively gathering, rest assured that Marlene’s team has your back. Dive into a delightful day while the attentive staff takes care of your every need. This tea session not only embraces British traditions but also gives them a laid-back San Diego twist. Get ready for a five-course extravaganza, featuring a soup, a generous spread of tea sandwiches, a fruity side for a burst of freshness, and a sweet finale with irresistible desserts. The tea menu is a treasure trove of flavors, boasting a variety of options from flavored blacks and light greens to enticing fruit and herbal blends.


Shakespearescornershoppe ezgifcom webp to jpg converter

5. Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe
Step into Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe, a time-traveling haven established in 2000, and whisking visitors from San Diego’s streets to the cozy tea rooms of the British Isles. The menu features traditional scones and inventive pastries, served alongside teas ranging from the classic Earl Grey to the espionage-inspired James Bond blend. Be sure to check out the adjacent English bakery and boutique, offering imported treats and charming souvenirs. For a taste of British tranquility in the midst of city chaos, Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe is San Diego’s own slice of Britannia.

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