Top 4 Fish Taco Restaurants in San Diego

Oscars mexican seafood

If there is one thing San Diego is known for, it is the much-coveted fish taco. In addition to sun, sand, and surf, few things can rival America’s Finest City’s love of fresh seafood. From the traditional takes to the more innovative creations, these spots do not mess around when it comes to serving the best tacos in town. Here are our top four picks.

Here is the List of Top 4 Fish Taco Restaurants in San Diego

Lets explore each Restaurants.

The Brigantine

A San Diego staple since 1969, The Brigantine expanded far beyond their original Shelter Island spot to share their deep-fried delicacies with the residents of Del Mar, Point Loma, Coronado, Escondido, Poway and La Mesa. Serving up both grilled and fried options, The Brigantine’s fish tacos have been a longtime fan favorite, especially during happy hour. Though their most famous fish taco is battered in the classic Baja style, the cheddar and house made ranch dressing (instead of tangy white sauce) make it differ from a conventional fish taco.



Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

With two Pacific Beach locations and a Hillcrest outpost, Oscar’s Mexican Food seems to always have a line out the door no matter which one you visit. Luckily, service is always fast and friendly. For a quick lunch, you can’t go wrong with the smoked fish tacos topped with cabbage, cilantro, avocado, and cheese. The flavor-packed surf and turf taco crafted with tender skirt steak and fresh shrimp is also worth a try.

Oscars mexican seafood


City Tacos

City Tacos stays true to its name by serving up an assortment of unique tacos across the city of San Diego. These scrumptious creations range from sautéed shrimp, golden fried mahi-mahi, to pepper cream flambéed scallops, and everything in between. All the offerings are served on house-made flour or corn tortillas. Founded in 2014 by Mexico City native Gerry Torres, the countywide chain recently made headlines after serving its three millionth taco.

City tacos


Fish Shop

As the name would suggest, Fish Shop is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your fish taco needs. After opening in Pacific Beach in 2010, this spot combines exceptional food, outstanding service, and a relaxed atmosphere that fish taco lovers from all walks of life can enjoy. Unlike some of the other eateries on this list, Fish Shop delivers a true build-it-yourself experience with the choice of seven sauces, 12 fresh fish options, and a handful of sides. With over 2,000 combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Fish shop

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