The Rady Center

The rady center

An Opportunity for A Long-Term Impact on Homelessness

Amidst the considerable obstacles for people experiencing homelessness in downtown San Diego, a beacon of hope and change is on the horizon. The Salvation Army’s planned downtown Rady Center project represents a groundbreaking initiative that goes beyond providing temporary shelter by offering long-term solutions to homelessness in San Diego. With over 100 years of serving people in need, The Salvation Army brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Partnering with Wakeland Housing and Development, who since 1998, have developed 57 affordable housing projects, ensures that the Rady Center project is built on a solid foundation of proven success.

This project is a model of private and public support that is poised to make a significant impact in our community. The Salvation Army has secured $27 million in private philanthropy to date, demonstrating strong community support and a commitment to addressing homelessness in San Diego. Upon The Salvation Army’s raising $30 million from the private sector, Evelyn and Ernest Rady will contribute an additional $5 million to create a $35 million operating endowment for The Salvation Army’s programs. This ensures that the impact of the Rady Center project will continue for generations to come.

The Rady Center stands out in what it offers to the community: The Salvation Amy already owns the land, a full city block, with approval from the City of San Diego reflecting the thoughtful planning and engagement undertaken by The Salvation Army.

When completed, the Rady Center will provide 220 housing opportunities from sober living to interim, transitional, permanent supportive and low-income housing. The Rady Center will include on-site support services, a chapel, and a federally approved health clinic, providing comprehensive care to residents and the surrounding community. They are poised to begin demolition and start construction in 2025 and open in 2027 provided they can secure the needed funding, financing, and tax credits.

Once finished, the Rady Center will provide 7,100 housing opportunities over ten years that will do much more than just provide a cot in a congregate shelter with minimal support services. What sets the Rady Center apart is not just its commitment to providing housing, but the holistic approach to addressing the root causes of homelessness. It is about more than just putting a roof over someone’s head; it is about offering comprehensive support services that empower individuals to regain control of their lives.

On average, 80% of people who exit The Salvation Army transitional housing programs transition to permanent housing and 95% stay housed after one year. The Rady Center will provide a path to exit homelessness to independent living. Ernest Rady shared with GB Magazine, “…The Salvation Army’s track record speaks for itself.” This project will transform lives and our community for the better.

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Evelyn and Ernest Rady

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