Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan: A Mid-Century Modern Revival

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Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan proudly announces the completion of its extensive hotel room remodel, encompassing all guestrooms, suites, and hospitality suites. Celebrating over 66 years of history, the resort has rejuvenated its aesthetic to echo the mid-century era, reflecting the original style and ambiance of its early days.

Design Inspiration

Chris Vance, the art director at Sycuan Casino Resort, took a nostalgic approach to the redesign, drawing inspiration from the classic mid-century modern style reminiscent of Palm Springs’ desert vacations. The resort’s architectural features such as exposed brick, breeze block details, ceiling beams, and vaulted ceilings play a significant role in this vintage revival. “With the hotel’s strong architectural elements from 1956, we aimed to enhance the existing charm and bring back the spirit of that era,” Vance explains.

Room Details and Decor

The renovation encompasses 82 guestrooms, 14 suites, and four hospitality suites, all of which have been thoroughly updated. Mid-century inspired fabrics and vinyls, such as black alligator and white ostrich, have been used to reupholster furniture and headboards, adding texture and a playful twist to the decor. Additionally, custom white burlap lampshades and repurposed art frames with new lithograph prints contribute to the 1950s vibe, maintaining a cohesive black and white color scheme throughout the rooms.

Enhancements Beyond the Rooms

The updates extend beyond the accommodations. Singing Hills has also upgraded its golf facilities, including the courses and driving range, along with a redesign of the Red Tail Bar & Grill. The resort offers a unique golfing experience with its 54 holes, which include two 18-hole championship courses and an 18-hole par 3 course, making it San Diego’s only 3-course golf resort.

General Manager’s Insights

Rob Cinelli, the general manager at Singing Hills, expressed his enthusiasm for the renovations. “Our team has dedicated immense effort and passion to elevate the overall experience at Singing Hills. We are thrilled to invite both new and returning guests to enjoy our updated facilities,” he shared with GB Magazine.

Proximity to Entertainment

In addition to on-site amenities, guests can enjoy nearby entertainment at Sycuan Casino Resort, located just four miles away and accessible via complimentary shuttle. This proximity offers guests a blend of golfing, mid-century lodging, and additional entertainment options, making Singing Hills a prime destination for a local getaway.

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The revitalized Singing Hills Golf Resort invites guests to step back in time and experience the nostalgia of the 1950s with modern comforts and upscale amenities. Whether you are seeking a peaceful golf retreat or a lively escape, Singing Hills offers something for everyone.

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