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Resounding Joy Providing Music Therapy Since 2004

Since 2004, Resounding Joy has improved the lives of individuals and under-resourced communities with free or shared-cost music therapy services, supportive music, and recreational music opportunities throughout the San Diego region (recently expanding to Central Indiana). By leveraging the power of music, we empower our clients to overcome adversity, achieve their full potential, and strengthen their communities.

Over the years, we have initiated four core programs to reach underserved populations including children managing serious health issues (Sounds of Healing); veterans, military, and first responders (Sounds of Service); seniors with dementia and hospice patients (Sounds of Legacy); and partnerships with local service organizations to reach at-risk populations including unhoused families and justice-impacted youth (Sounds of Community).

Each program offers a continuum of music engagement from clinic to community, with board-certified music therapists providing services at clinical facilities, client homes, our Music Wellness Center, community partner sites, and virtually.

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