Mi Universidad

Mi Universidad

Empowering the Latinx Community through Education

Founded by UCSD Extension in January 2022, Mi Universidad has swiftly emerged as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the Hispanic community. Guided by the capable leadership of Program Director Nara Muniz I França, the program is dedicated to excellence in education and community support.
A hallmark of Mi Universidad is its unwavering commitment to inclusivity. UCSD’s pursuit of Hispanic-serving institution (HSI) status, with a goal of 25% Hispanic student representation, finds a crucial ally in Mi Universidad. The program offers free courses, both online and in person, carefully crafted in Spanish to meet the unique needs and interests of the Latinx community.

Personalized support and a sense of community are paramount at Mi Universidad, evident in its small class sizes, typically limited to 20 students per group. This approach fosters an enriching and tailored learning experience.
Mi Universidad’s curriculum is both diverse and comprehensive, boasting 14 courses each academic term, spanning subjects from computer literacy to public speaking. All courses bear the approval of UCSD’s academic senate, ensuring academic integrity. Furthermore, Mi Universidad has established partnerships with institutions across Latin America, including Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Nara and her dedicated team of four, all first-generation Latinx individuals, tirelessly manage translations, meetings, website development, enrollment, course creation and budgeting. To expand their mission, Mi Universidad is launching a fundraising campaign on November 1st. This initiative aims to bolster their team, provide essential support to students and teachers, and sustain an accessible education platform that eliminates the burden of documentation and fees.
In a world where education is the key to empowerment, Mi Universidad shines as a testament to unity and determination, offering a brighter future to the entire Latinx community.

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Esteban Villanueva